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Bookmaker comparison January 2022 | Test and evaluation

The search for a suitable, reliable and, above all, reputable online betting provider is not always easy.

Only good research helps to separate the wheat from the chaff when evaluating personal sports betting.

The monthly test series by the editorial team has been used here as an estimated source for two decades. Our big bookmaker comparison provides current experiences and results:

The best bookmaker for sports betting in comparison

93 / 100
90 / 100
88 / 100
88 / 100
88 / 100
87 / 100
87 / 100
86 / 100
86 / 100
85 / 100
Picture bed
85 / 100
85 / 100
85 / 100
84 / 100
84 / 100
84 / 100
84 / 100
84 / 100
83 / 100
Come on
83 / 100
Merkur Sports
82 / 100
79 / 100

This rating is based on our personal experience with the betting providers and represents our opinions on the sports betting providers. | Terms and conditions apply | 18+

The best betting providers 2022

In order to find the best sports betting provider, seven different categories are checked in our betting provider test. The best betting provider is the one who gets the most points in the end. Sometimes, however, a provider with fewer points can be the best betting provider for himself - for example an eSports specialist if you like to eSports betting yourself placed.

Beste Wettanbieter

🏆 Which is the best bookmaker in 2022?

It is not always easy to find THE best bookmaker. Often it depends on your own betting preferences. The Selection of bookmakers is now considerable, but this also means that many bookmakers specialize in certain preferences. The betting base comparison shows the best betting providers with the best overall package, objectively tested by us in the most important categories.

  1. Bet365 🥇 (93/100 points)

  2. Bet-at-home 🥈 (90/100 points) || | 2299

  3. Unibet 🥉 (88/100 points)

  4. Bet3000 (88/100 points)

  5. Bwin | || 2308 (88 / 100 Punkte)

  6. Betway (87/100 points)

  7. 888Sport (87 / 100 points)

  8. Betano (86/100 points)

  9. Mobilebet (86/100 points)

Betting provider comparison 2021: Who has the best betting offer?

Unsurprisingly, the betting offer is a central component when it comes to finding the best sports betting provider. In addition to the selection of different sports and competitions as well as special bets, this naturally also includes the live betting offer and the associated odds key.

The following table shows which betting providers do particularly well when it comes to betting.

Betting providers | || 2344 Wettangebot Live betting Betting odds Total points
Bet365 10 10 10 30
Bwin 10 10 9 29
Bet-at-home 9 9 10 28

The 5 best betting providers with a Kenya betting license in comparison

Lizenzierte Wettanbieter im Vergleich
Betting providers, which from RP Darmstadt the new Kenya betting license has been approved.

Since the new Kenya sports betting license was issued in Kenya, more and more bookmakers have withdrawn from the market; either because they were out of the question to apply for such a license or because the offer first had to be adapted accordingly.

Many of the established and popular betting providers in Kenya have already worked towards this cesur in the Kenya betting landscape years in advance and have already secured the new Kenya license at the start in summer 2021. The best of them are clearly summarized here:

Top 5 betting providers with Kenya license 2022


Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


130EUR / USD
Test report Bets
Note: The betting providers Unibet, Mr Green, Mobilebet, Comeon and LeoVegas are currently applying for a Kenya betting license. It can be assumed that the aforementioned bookmakers will soon receive the Kenya betting license. Here you can find all betting providers with a Kenya license.

Therefore, it is definitely worth considering not only the betting provider overall ranking, but also the extensive betting provider test reports to compare, before the chosen favorite is arrested.

All sports betting providers listed here have been personally tested by us over a longer period of time and carefully examined. Of course, we will continue to take a look at all of the betting providers listed here. Should there be any changes or innovations, we will update the affected betting provider tests and the ranking.

In the following we have listed all the criteria for the betting provider comparison, according to which we evaluate. For each individual point you will find a short information regarding the weighting of the focal points.

In addition, we present the top 3 bookmakers in each of the 7 categories and choose a respective test winner. This allows you to easily find the best betting provider for your own needs, depending on your personal prioritization of the various areas.

Now to the test winner Bet365

Terms and Conditions apply | 18+

Below you can find out how it was tested in which categories and who are the best betting providers per category.

This is how betting base tests: Test categories and evaluation criteria:

From our detailed betting provider comparison, Bet365 as best betting provider. The British bookmaker almost achieved the maximum number of points and shows almost no weaknesses.

The betting base can also warmly recommend some other bookies. Our ratings in the different categories as well as the resulting overall ranking help you to find the most suitable provider for you personally.

Every single online bookie listed on this page has its own particular strengths and possibly one or the other weakness that our extensive tests bring to light. The one more, the other less.

Betting offer

Wettangebot In this area we test the betting offer of all betting providers heart and soul - both qualitatively and quantitatively.

The more sports, different events and events are offered as betting options, the more points can ultimately be achieved in this test category. The best betting providers have - depending on the season - up to 50 different sports in their program.

On the other hand, it is of course very carefully examined how deep the range of bets is. Specifically, this means how many different types of bets including special bets & special bets are available for each game, event or event from the respective provider. The more the better.

The top providers provide users with more than 100 different games for the top games in European football leagues such as the Champions League, Bundesliga, Premier League, Primera Division and Serie A Tip options for the relevant matches.

Wettanbieter Wettangebot Vergleich Bet365
Excerpt from the unbeatable Bet365 betting offer for the Champions League (screenshot from 08/17/2020)

And while we have the live bets of each bookmaker separately in a separate category under the microscope, the evaluation of the betting program test category naturally also includes the live betting offer.

In addition, there are of course extra points for a particularly innovative betting program or exclusive entertainment, social or political bets which, due to the new State Treaty on Gambling in Kenya, can unfortunately only be enjoyed by betting enthusiasts in Austria for the time being:

But that doesn't mean that we bookmakers with funny and strange betting opportunities would be forgotten here. And we do not completely give up hope that bets on non-Olympic disciplines will also appear on the scene again at some point in Kenyay.

We know from the British that bets do not always and exclusively have to be aimed at physical fitness . In the past, these special bets were particularly popular in Kenya-speaking countries:

  • TV series / films such as Game of Thrones, James Bond, Batman, Star Wars, etc.
  • die Academy Awards
  • Donald Trump
  • the Brexit
  • the Eurovision Song Contest
  • the jungle camp

Best betting offer in the betting provider comparison

Currently, a total of six online bookmakers can secure the maximum possible score of 10 points in our betting provider tests in the test category betting program.

This is how Bet365, Bet-at- home, Bwin and Sportingbet have an excellent betting offer.

The editors of suresportpesajackpot have identified the top 3 from these bookies:


Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets

The test winner in this category is Bet365 - the English bookmaker not only has the most comprehensive betting program in terms of pre-match bets, but also in terms of live bets.

We particularly like The betting offer from Bet-at-home is also convincing, which has an unusual offer especially in US sports and entertainment, social & political bets.

In addition, Bwin made it into the top 3. The well-known bookmaker, originally from Austria, also runs a thoroughly balanced betting program.

Live betting

Live Wetten Of course, the following also applies to live bets: the wider the variety, the better the respective betting provider ultimately cuts off. Good live betting providers convince above all with a wide range of different sports, events and events on which bets are offered.

The best live bets Providers offer several hundred betting events every day. Tip fans can choose from a large number of live events at virtually any time of day.

Of course, the depth of the betting offer also plays an important role here. The more different betting markets or betting options are available from a bookmaker, the better it does logically in our ranking.

The design and preparation of the live betting center is also decisive in the tests. The best real-time betting offer is not of much use to the user if it is not presented clearly.

Another important factor when evaluating live bets are the betting odds. The higher the odds, the better the result of the respective bookies in our bookmaker comparison.

In addition, the best live betting bookies deliver an abundance of live streams in which the events on which the bets are placed are also followed directly

Attention: Live streams are subject to country-specific differences.

Best live bets in bookmaker comparison

In the betting base ranking only four providers have achieved the maximum number of points. The top 3 in terms of live betting looks like this:


Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets

Just like in the test category "betting offer", Bet365 emerged as the test winner. With the British betting giant everything is just right when it comes to live betting:

  • the extraordinary betting program
  • the high betting odds level
  • the live streams (e.g. Primera Division, Serie A, Tennis Grand Slam tournaments)
  • the clear live betting center
best live bets at Bet365

terms and conditions apply | 18+

The live bets from Bwin and Bet365 are also highly recommended.

Betting odds

Wettquoten Anyone who wants to bet successfully and maximize profits is for everyone the betting odds offered are of crucial importance. Only those who consistently bets at very good odds are on the road to success and the following applies:

The higher the odds key | || 3503 eines Wettanbieters, desto höher ist natürlich auch die theoretische Ausschüttung der Wettgewinne. Parallel sinkt dementsprechend die Gewinnspanne des Sportwetten-Anbieters.

With an odds key (also often called payout key) of 94%, for example, the betting provider calculates a profit distribution of 94% of the stakes. As a result, the bookmaker only retains 6% of the betting sales as a profit margin.

Betting providers with very high odds keys thus receive the most points in this test category. We regularly test all bookmakers listed in the above ranking for their payout key.

However, the average payout ratio is not the only criterion that is used to evaluate. Finally, there are also betting providers who, for example, clearly stand out with the odds on favorite bets or offer top odds in the field of football.

Stand out here For example the bookmakers Betano and Bet3000, which regularly offer top odds for favorites. Ideal for placing multi-bets with teams like FC Bayern, FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Manchester City, Juventus Turin or Paris Saint-Germain.

Another important aspect of top odds in a bookmaker comparison is naturally also the consistency of this. In the case of a bookie, for example, there can be a best rate for an event for a short time, but this can also quickly disappear.

The best betting providers deliver the best odds for a long period of time.

Betting base tip

  • Most betting providers offer their highest odds for an event shortly before the start.

Best odds in a bookmaker comparison

Our tests result in the following top 3 bookmakers in the betting odds category:


Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets

The traditional British bookie Bet365 prevailed as the test winner in the field of betting odds. The extremely high odds key in the bookmaker comparison runs through the entire betting program at the bookmaker.

To the best odds at Bet365

Terms and conditions apply | 18+

In addition, Bwin and Bet-at-home round off our top 3 with their consistently strong soccer betting odds.

Sportwetten Bonus für Neukunden

Wettanbieter Bonus This test criterion is of particular interest for first-time users of a betting offer. Nowadays it is simply common practice to greet new customers with an obolus.

As a rule, practically all betting providers give new betting friends a more or less attractive new customer bonus – Zumeist in Abhängigkeit von der Höhe der ersten Einzahlung. Es gibt aber auch Anbieter, die einen Bonus gewähren, der keine Ersteinzahlung erfordert ( No Deposit Bonus).

Decisive for the evaluation of the various new customer bonus offers the betting provider is the amount of the bonus credit, the percentage amount of the bonus (50% or 100%) and the conditions associated with the bonus. Especially with this test criterion, big differences can be found between the individual betting providers.

A bonus of 500 percent to 50 euros as with JackOne can be considered exceptional and Above-average bonus can be viewed in terms of the percentage amount.

Other betting providers even offer different welcome offers. For example with the welcome bonus program - here you can choose between a beginner's and a professional bonus.

For example, the deadline for implementing the bonus one of these relevant conditions. The deadline is often 30 days, depending on the bonus, but can also be up to a generous 90 days as with Happybet.

With some online bookies There is no classic first deposit bonus as a welcome bonus, but for example free bets, cashback promotions or combinations of different bonuses.

betano wettanbieter bonus mit gratiswette
Betano bonus with free bet
Get the Betano bonus now

Terms and Conditions apply | 18+ | New customers only

Here are the most important factors for the evaluation of a Sports betting bonus listed in detail:

What is the bonus in Pay attention to betting providers comparison?

The most important bonus criteria:

  1. What is the percentage of the bonus offer? The most common model of a new customer bonus at a bookmaker is a first deposit bonus. This bonus corresponds to a certain percentage of the customer's first deposit into the betting account. Most betting providers grant a 100% bonus - which means that the first deposit amount is doubled.
  2. What is the maximum bonus amount? The bonus offers of the bookies naturally have an upper limit. Most often this limit is a maximum of 100 EUR / USD welcome bonus. But there are also a few exceptions where a higher or possibly lower upper limit is specified.
  3. Which wagering requirements must be met? Before you can withdraw a bonus as real money, you have to Tipper convert your own first deposit and the bonus amount with sports betting under certain conditions. How often the respective amounts have to be wagered varies greatly from betting provider to betting provider. The spectrum ranges from wagering once to wagering 12 times.
  4. What minimum quota must be used for betting? Not all bets apply to the wagering requirements. Almost every bookmaker defines a certain minimum odds that must be wagered with in order to contribute to the fulfillment of the bonus conditions.
  5. How long do I have to fulfill the bonus conditions? The respective bonus of a betting provider is almost always subject to a time limit. In the case of good bonus offers, the sports tipper naturally has more time to meet the bonus conditions, in the case of rather bad offers less. The spectrum ranges from one week to 90 days.

Best bonus offers in a comparison of betting providers

The following bookmakers scored particularly well in the bonus offers test area. The top betting providers with the best sports betting bonus offers are:

  1. Only for new customers. Up to EUR / USD100 in betting credits. Sign up, deposit EUR / USD5 or more to your bet365 account and we'll give you the appropriate qualifying deposit in betting credits (up to EUR / USD100 *) when you place qualifying bets place in the same value and these will be billed. Minimum odds, betting and payment method exceptions apply. Winnings exclude the use of betting credits. The general terms and conditions, time limits and exceptions apply.

    Main terms and conditions

    • Only available for new customers. Make a qualifying deposit of EUR / USD5 or more and claim the offer within 30 days of registering the account to get 100% of the corresponding amount in betting credits up to a maximum EUR / USD100 to qualify. Once claimed, your betting credits are in your account balance and cannot be withdrawn.

    • To release your betting credits, you must place qualifying bets for the value of your qualifying deposit (limited to EUR / USD100 *) and these must be settled within 30 days after the offer has been used. Only qualifying bets that are settled after the offer has been claimed will count towards this condition.

    • Placed bets must meet certain conditions in order to be taken into account when your betting credits are released:

    - Sie müssen mindestens eine Auswahl mit einer Quote von 1.20 (1/5) oder höher enthalten.

    - For combinations of betting and event that only have two or three possible outcomes (for example football - Final Score) where you have placed bets on more than one possible outcome, either before or during the game, only the outcome with the highest cumulative stake counts -Option is evaluated, only the remaining active part of the stake is taken into account.

    - Wenn der Einsatz teilweise mit der Cash-Out-Option ausgewertet wird, wird nur der verbleibende aktive Teil des Einsatzes berücksichtigt.

    - If a bet has been edited with the "Edit bet" function, only the new stake of the new bet will count.

    - Bets made with the Cash Out O ption have been fully evaluated, invalid bets or live bets that are settled as a push are not taken into account.

    • Your betting credits cannot be paid out and the stakes of your betting credits are not included in the winnings. Winnings from placed bet credits will be added to your withdrawable balance. Betting credits cannot be used for certain offers / promotions and types of bets. See full terms and conditions for details.

    • Your betting credits will expire and will be removed if your account is inactive for 90 consecutive days.

    * or currency equivalent

    The terms and conditions, time limits and exceptions apply.

    All further details about the Bet365 new customer bonus can be found directly at Bet365.

  2. To get to know each other, new customers at Admiralbet start with a whopping 100% welcome bonus of up to 200 EUR / USD.

    Admiralbet Bonusbedingungen:

    • 1. Deposit at least 20EUR / USD
    • Activate bonus on 1st deposit
    • Convert bonus + deposit 6x through sports betting
    • Minimum odds: 2.00
    • Zeitrahmen: 90 Tage
  3. Unibet offers you as a new customer a 400% deposit bonus when you register via up to 40EUR / USD + EXCLUSIVELY a 5EUR / USD free bet!

    Unibet bonus conditions:

    • About this link bei Unibet anmelden
    • minimum deposit 10EUR / USD
    • registration for bonus
    • bonus amount within 30 days (from bonus registration) at least 10 times || | 4236
    • Mindestquote 1.40

The specified EUR / USD amounts represent the maximum bonus available for new customers. | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply

These bookies all have an excellent and above all fair new customer bonus offer.

Bet365 shines as a test winner in terms of sports betting bonuses with an innovative and extremely fair welcome package of betting credits. Bet-at-home has a whopping first deposit bonus (50%) of up to 200 EUR / USD in its luggage, while Unibet's offer includes a 5 EUR / USD free bet.

Sports betting App & website usability

Wettanbieter Benutzerfreundlichkeit The usability of the betting platform is also a for many customers important criterion. Here we compare the betting sites of the betting providers on their functionality.

Above all, the navigation should be easy and simple. In addition, the most important functions must be clearly recognizable at first glance and also self-explanatory.

With a well thought-out betting site the customer should have no problems, without any instructions or help systems get to the desired goal. For example, targeted betting is primarily about finding the desired betting market in just a few steps, i.e. without large and illogical detours, and then placing the tip.

But the speed of loading times also plays a major role in our tests. Because when betting it is very annoying if, for example, you miss a high odds or a generally interesting bet due to slow loading times.

Wettanbieter Betway App
* Commercial content | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply.

The speed of the betting platform is of enormous importance, especially with live betting.

All of the factors mentioned naturally apply to both the desktop version of the respective website and the mobile betting sites.

Nowadays, according to statistics, more than 50% of all sports bets are placed on mobile devices. More than 80% of live bets are made on the go.

That is why we not only have the mobile betting sites, but also the respective mobile sports betting apps of the tested providers under the microscope. Especially with daily companions, good usability extremely important.

After all, as a customer, you don't want to be out in the rain when you're out and about. Regardless of the mobile device, the sports betting apps have to work flawlessly, which is a certain challenge every now and then user-friendly website or app.

Beste Websites & Apps im Wettanbieter Vergleich

Viele Buchmacher haben aktuell eine äußerst gut durchdachte und benutzerfreundliche Website bzw. App.

The crème de la crème from it corresponds to the following 3 bookies:


Test report | || 4370 Wetten


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets

Our test winner in this category is Betway, closely followed by the overall winner Bet365 and Scandinavian bookmaker Unibet.

Deposit and withdrawal

Wettanbieter Einzahlung, Auszahlung As a rule, the first deposit is on the daily program after the successful opening of a corresponding betting account. Especially with the offered deposit options, the betting providers differ enormously.

Therefore, we took a close look at which deposit methods the betting providers provide and whether the different payment methods are used Fees apply.

Good online betting providers provide their customers with a range of different payment options and most of them are free of charge. There is of course a point deduction for any fees.

Just as important as the deposit options are the payout channels.

The most popular payment methods for sports betting in Kenya, which are offered by every good bookmaker are:

  1. Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa)
  2. PayPal
  3. Sofortüberweisung (Klarna)
  4. Paysafecard
  5. Banküberweisung
  6. Skrill
  7. Neteller
  8. Muchbetter
Which bookmakers can pay into with PayPal?
Sports betting with PayPal - betting base guide

First of all: In our betting provider reviews the question does not arise whether a provider pays out winnings, because that is what all of us do tested betting shops, but rather which options are offered and how long the withdrawal process takes. A comparison was also made as to whether any fees would be incurred.

Best marks are earned by sports betting providers who can offer many means of payment, offer them free of charge and are quick to pay out.

Where are all deposit and withdrawal methods free of charge?

  • Bet3000
  • Allowed

Best deposits and withdrawals in a bookmaker comparison

The following betting providers have managed to achieve the maximum point yield in our strict tests in this category. The best betting providers in terms of deposits and withdrawals are:


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


Test report Bets

The specified EUR / USD amounts represent the maximum available bonus for new customers. | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply

In the area of ​​deposits and withdrawals, Bet-at-home can completely convince the editorial team of the betting base and is thus the test winner here; behind them are Bwin and Bet365. With all of the bookmakers mentioned, payments are secure, fast and are mostly free of charge.

Customer support, reliability and security

Wettanbieter Kundensupport In the event of problems, questions or ambiguities, a Well-functioning, fast and competent customer support an advantage.

Of course, we also take a close look at the online betting providers in this test area and test how fast & efficiently the customer service answers or reacts to our inquiries.

In addition, we take a very close look at the ways (phone, email, chat) to approach customer support can and in what times the employees are available at all.

Points were deducted for insufficient contact options (e.g. lack of live chat) or very limited Kenya-speaking support. The more flexible a bookmaker is, the more points are awarded.

Best customer support in a bookmaker comparison

In the area of ​​customer service, only Bet365 (test winner) can lower the maximum number of points. In addition, the customer support from Betway and Bet-at-home made it into the top 3:


Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Wettanbieter Seriosität In terms of reliability and security, we only list sports betting providers in our betting provider test area who unconditionally meet both criteria. Other betting providers are not even included with us.

Nevertheless, there are still certain minor differences even with the reputable betting providers, which we present in this section. For example, we go into the existing betting licenses (EU license or even Kenya license), the company headquarters or whether the provider is traded on the international stock market. || | 5129

Auch spielt es eine Rolle, wie lange bereits ein Wettanbieter erfolgreich am Wettmarkt tätig ist oder wie viele aktive Kunden dieser zu verzeichnen hat.

Wettanbieter Lizenz, Sicherheit For many customers this is also The topic of security is of particular importance - especially when it comes to the Internet and the associated sensitivity of data. Data protection should therefore already be a top priority. For example, some betting providers have received certification by TÜV Rheinland.

For the test categories Seriousness & Security, the respective betting provider ratings do not give any extra points awarded, because all of the providers we tested can be classified as both serious and secure.

Betting providers without verification

After the regulation of the Kenyan sports betting market, more and more international bookmakers without a license are pushing for the Market and advertise with bets without verification or the like. These bookmakers do not have a European license and are absolutely dubious. We advise against betting providers without a license or without verification. All betting providers on have a valid betting license in Kenya or Europe.

Verification with betting providers is necessary to combat fraud and money laundering.

Betting tax

Wettsteuer Spätestens seit der Einführung des „neuen“ Kenyan State Treaty on Gambling (July 1st, 2012) the online betting providers are condemned to pay a 5% betting tax to the tax office.

As a rule, the sports betting provider forwards this imposed tax directly to the customer.

But in some cases there is also good news where the provider has its customers Completely exempt from betting tax and still pays it out of your own pocket. This is the case, for example, with Tipwin - the betting operator from Kenya takes over the betting tax itself and thus makes free bets possible.

Observe terms and conditions | 18+
Bet without betting tax

General terms and conditions apply | 18+

We decided to give extra points especially for this test criterion.

But there are also betting providers who partially waive the betting tax. The new betting provider Neobet exempts all existing customers from the betting tax for combination bets. Fans of the combination bet are particularly pleased with this offer.

Evaluation & final result

Wettanbieter Fazit The points achieved from the individual seven test categories ultimately result in the total result and thus also the final placement in our big bookmaker comparison.

In order to ensure a certain transparency, the individual categories are rated. Finally, of course, we recommend that you don't just keep an eye on the overall rating!

Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself personally which arguments from a betting provider are the most appropriate for you.

All of us Listed online betting providers meet all the minimum requirements that are placed on a trustworthy sports betting provider.