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We ourselves are fans of system bets and sports betting strategies that deal with system bets.

System bets can be found at all good betting providers (regardless of whether on the desktop or via Betting App). They only differ in the maximum number of games that can be combined in a system bet.

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System betting calculator
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Everyone has already experienced it. You have made a nice combination bet of maybe 4-5 games (more games are seldom useful anyway), but in the end the bet fails because of a 'fallen' game ... With a system bet this would not have happened to you, you would have won anyway, or at least at least not or less lost.

How it turns out depends of course on the chosen system and the odds of the tips. In general, a system bet is particularly worthwhile with higher odds, because there is a higher probability that tips will not turn out correctly. If you want, you can use the betting calculator to combine very low odds as banks for your system bet | 885

Beispielhaft ein paar Strategien zu Systemwetten:

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System bets explanation

The calculations are relatively complicated and, above all, time-consuming, so we want you to have one here System computer available with which you can try out the best way to place your bet before placing your system bet.

Just give it a try - use which system to test how many games have to be correct in order to get out with a profit !

The calculation process in the betting calculator system is relatively self-explanatory:

  1. First select a system (and whether you want to combine banks)
  2. Enter your planned Total stake
  3. Enter the odds of the individual tips
  4. Uncheck the box if you want to test what happens if one or the other game is wrong. || | 913
  5. Klicken Sie auf Berechnen

You will then see the following information in the calculation results:

  1. Display of all multiple bet series (which make up your system bet) with individual odds, Total quota of the series and revenue.
  2. Comparison of net profit and total profit.
  3. You can also see this on the desktop : Bet per row (which results from your total bet and the number of rows in your system) & again the total bet.

You can of course vary your input (s) as often as you like (e.g. other game wrong etc.) and have it calculated again.

You can of course also use this system bet calculator during the weekend, when some games of your system bet have already run out, in order to 'cheer' on how much profit is still possible is how many games still have to be correct, etc.

We hope and believe that this calculator will be very practical and helpful for you - if you agree, please tell your friends about it!

Feedback to the betting calculator (in general or, for example, whether it makes sense to display the individual rows or whether the number of systems available is too high or too low) are of course also welcome.

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In our System bets comparison of betting providers you can find out which bookmakers are particularly recommended for placing system bets. Read here how the placing system bets at Bet365 works.

Of course, system bets can also be played in any betting app, for example in the Bwin app.

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