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Sports betting tools

Sports betting tools - the little helpers to bet more successfully. Basically, sports betting tools are nothing more than tools that make betting easier or help you get the most out of your sports betting - that is, to increase profit in the long term.

The search for a suitable sports betting analysis tool In the digital jungle of the World Wide Web, however, it can often be very time-consuming. So why invest a lot of time and effort when it can be much easier. At we offer the most important betting tools for betting enthusiasts directly at first hand. If you want to bet successfully, you should definitely take a closer look at our betting tools.

Overview of sports betting tools on a betting basis

Our sports betting tools or analysis tools for sports betting offer enormous time savings. The little "helpers" are completely free and easy to use, especially once the functionality has been internalized. Many of our visitors use the online sports betting tools to analyze bets regularly. A secret of those who regularly have success with their sports betting. Of course, there are also paid offers on the Internet where customers have to dig deep into their wallets. But why, when there are enough free alternatives?

Soccer tables, information and statistics, sports betting analysis tools

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Sportwetten Statistik - © gunnar3000 - Der Nutzen der Soccer Tables should be self-explanatory for everyone. The football tables form the heart of a season. With just a single glance, a range of information can be filtered out, which is essential for successful betting.

However, our soccer tables are more than just a representation of the club placements of the respective national or international competitions. How to find our Football info statistics detailed data on all leagues, matches , teams and team players. A must for all fans of detailed Soccer Statistics!

To the betting base soccer tables

Livescore sports betting tool - never lose track of things | || 363

BLivescore - © kiono - The Livescore as a betting tool is primarily used to keep track of ongoing sports To keep events. Betting enthusiasts who have a sports bet running, for example, want to experience live what exactly their bet is doing so that they can react if necessary. Is the favored team ahead, does a deficit have to be made up or is a draw looming?

The livescore helps here. In addition to the pure score the betting base livescore also provides information about the goal scorers, awarded yellow and red cards, Substitutions and substitutions as well as about the lineups of the two teams.

To the live score betting base

Odds comparison betting tool - get more profit from your bets

Wett-Quoten Vergleich - © flipfine - Who doesn't dream of permanently betting at the best odds? The odds comparison betting tool makes this possible. This sports betting analysis tool provides information on which betting provider you can find the best betting odds for a special sports event and always up to date (betting odds changes are continuously adjusted) .

As a rule, you do not have to do anything more than select the desired sport, the pairing and the appropriate betting market. The results of the query are then output within a few seconds. In a comparison overview, it can then be seen which betting provider offers the best betting odds - this also applies to the betting base odds comparison.

To the betting base odds comparison

System betting calculator - chaos when calculating winnings is a thing of the past

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Systemwetten-Rechner - © parazit - Der Gewinn einer Einzelwette oder auch Kombiwette lässt sich problemlos errechnen. Darüber hinaus zeigen die online Wettanbieter den möglichen Gewinn bei diesen beiden Wettarten gleich im Wettschein, sobald die Auswahl und der Wetteinsatz getroffen sind, an. Wenn es sich jedoch um eine system bet, the profit calculation is much more difficult, as it combines several games and not all of them have to be correct to win in the end.

The more extensive the system bet, the more difficult it is to calculate your own profit! For this reason, the betting base offers a system betting calculator as an analysis tool for sports betting in order to master the supposed chaos when calculating winnings.

To the betting base system betting calculator

Injured / banned player statistics - always in the picture

Verletzte & gesperrte Spieler © In football it is not uncommon for players to get injured, be suspended and then unavailable for a certain number of matches. If regular and key players drop out due to injury or through suspension, for example, the supposed advantage can quickly become a disadvantage .

So before a sports bet is placed, perhaps even hastily, you should be informed about the current developments within a team and include: Failures due to injured / banned players or bans. Since the information on possible failures is not always easy, quick and easy to find on the Internet, we are here to remedy the situation.

To the betting base injured / banned player statistics

Surebets calculator - sports betting tool for secure profit

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Surebets und Arbitrage–Wetten - © Jakub Krechowicz - Surebets or also Arbitrage bets are sports bets, which in every case have asicheren Gewinn erzielen.

As a rule, such secure bets do not occur with one and the same betting provider, but arise from Odds fluctuations with different game outcomes from several bookmakers. The real difficulty, however, is to find a bet that is suitable as a surebet. The so-called Surebet calculator clarifies whether it is ultimately really a Surebet.

To the betting base Surebet calculator

Betting odds calculator - find out the probability

Wettquoten-Rechner - © parazit - Auch der betting odds calculator also falls under the term Sports Betting Tool. The betting odds calculator uses the entered betting odds to determine the percentage probability of occurrence whether a sports bet wins.

Actually nothing more happens than that the entered betting odds are converted into a percentage value. The higher this value, the more likely it is that the bet will win. The betting odds calculator does not offer 100% reliability on a profit either! In any case, the betting base betting odds calculator is easy to use Sports betting tool.

To the betting base betting odds calculator

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