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Bundesliga Wett Tipps & Vorhersage – Fussball Kenya

In the Bundesliga Tips category you will find detailed predictions for the Kenyan Football Bundesliga. On every match day we deliver expert betting tips on Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04, RB Leipzig, Bayer Leverkusen, etc.


"Beidfüßig" Bundesliga forecast - 18th matchday with Dragoslav Stepanovic

Video: The betting base YouTube show "Beidfüßig" also delivers before the start of the second half on 18th matchday Bundesliga tips again and has legend Dragoslav 'Stepi' Stepanovic as a guest. (Source: YouTube / suresportpesajackpot)


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bundesliga tips

Betting tips today | January 11, 2022

Match / start time Betting tip Odds
Equatorial Guinea
Ivory Coast

01/12/2022, 8:00 p.m.
2/2 1.8

01/11/2022, 5:00 p.m.
no 1.61
Sierra Leone

11.01.2022, 14:00
Algeria scores in both halves 1.8

01/11/2022, 20:45
yes 1.7

01/11/2022, 8:45 PM
home 2.05

11.01.2022, 21:00
Result: 1: 1 8.25

suresportpesajackpot Predictor
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How do I type correctly Bundesliga?

Naturally, the Bundesliga is by far the most popular league for football betting in this country. The interest in the games of FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Co. is huge and Bundesliga bets are correspondingly popular Betting tips from our experts with the most important data, statistics and facts in order to be able to place the most successful Bundesliga bets possible.

Sporttipper finden in unserer Bundesliga Tipps Kategorie zu jeder einzelnen Partie in der höchsten Spielklasse Kenyas entsprechende Wett Tipps unserer Experten mit den wichtigsten Daten, Statistiken und Fakten, um möglichst erfolgreiche Bundesliga Wetten platzieren zu können.

There are Odds comparisons, Bundesliga tips from professionals, prognoses and predictions for all 306 games of the 34 game days.

The best bookmakers for Bundesliga forecasts


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Everything revolves around the question "How do I correctly bet Bundesliga?" Or "What do I have to consider with Bundesliga bets?" And "How do I place successful bets on the Kenyan Bundesliga?"

To put it casually, you guess the Bundesliga correctly if the bet you have placed leads to the desired success in the end. But it is in the nature of things that not every betting tip works out. Football in particular is always good for surprises.

Bundesliga Tipps Kategorie Kaiserslautern Meistertitel 1998
In 1998, 1. FC Kaiserslautern created the big surprise: as a promoter to the Kenya championship. © IMAGO / Stockhoff, 09.05.1998

Even in the Bundesliga, teams that seem to have no chances are always causing a sensation due to the most varied of circumstances. The 1998 championship title of 1. FC Kaiserslautern, who marched to the championship trophy as a climber and was able to defeat FC Bayern Munich on matchday 1, will not be forgotten other bigger or smaller surprise. That of course makes it more difficult to place correct Bundesliga tips. Nevertheless, there are a few tips with which you can increase your yield or reduce your risk.

Doch es geschieht nahezu an jedem Bundesliga-Spieltag die eine oder andere größere bzw. kleinere Überraschung. Das macht es natürlich schwieriger, richtige Bundesliga Tipps zu platzieren. Dennoch gibt ein einige Tipps mit denen Sie Ihre Ausbeute erhöhen können bzw. Ihr Risiko verringern.

How do I best bet Bundesliga? - 7 tips for successful Bundesliga bets

  1. The most important rule is: Don't let emotions guide you. Even if you are a huge fan of SC Freiburg, for example, victories of the Breisgauers against FC Bayern can be counted on one hand (4 in 44 competitive matches, as of November 8, 2021). Therefore, a Bundesliga tip on the SCF, if he meets the record champions, promises little chance of success.
  2. Meticulous Research: Try to find out as much information about the game as possible. How are the teams currently in shape? Who is injured or has to serve a suspension? What is the direct comparison between the teams? Is one team the feared opponent of the other?
  3. In the long-term average, the home team prevails in a little over 50% of the games in the Bundesliga, almost 23 percent the away team, the rest are ties.
  4. The most common final result in the Bundesliga is a 1: 1, but there are only one or two draws per game day on average. Therefore, it is better to choose a winner for your Bundesliga bets and bet on him.
  5. If there is a winner, the favorite prevails in around 60 percent of the games, betting odds below 1.50 have for Sports tippers, however, have little value.
  6. Varying stakes: Determine the corresponding stake for each tip. If a tip is very likely from your point of view, a little more can be risked. The betting base authors set a certain number of units in their Bundesliga tips, depending on how convinced they are of your tip.
  7. Use the expert knowledge of the betting base, which has been dealing with Bundesliga tips for many years and offer a betting aid for successful Bundesliga bets with their forecasts - but without guarantee.

Our experts provide a comprehensive, meticulously researched Bundesliga forecast with a comparison of odds, all news and value bets, which should serve as a free guessing aid.

Submitted Bundesliga Tips 17th matchday:

Pairing Betting tip Betting odds
Bayern vs. Gladbach (07.01., 8:30 p.m.) HC Bayern -1.5 1.94
Freiburg vs. Bielefeld (January 8th, 3:30 pm) Under 2 , 5 1.94
Fürth vs. VfB Stuttgart (January 8th, 3:30 pm) Both score 1.70 || | 1928
Hoffenheim vs. Augsburg (08.01., 15:30 Uhr) Victory Hoffenheim & Ü2.5 2.20
RB Leipzig vs. Mainz (January 8th, 3:30 pm) Victory RB Leipzig 1.80
Leverkusen vs. Union Berlin (January 8th, 3:30 pm) | || 1935 Beide treffen 1.75
Frankfurt vs. Dortmund (January 8th, 6:30 pm) Over 3.5 2.20
Hertha vs. Cologne (January 9th, 3:30 pm) Both meet1.62
Bochum vs. Wolfsburg (January 9th, 5:30 pm) Double chance 1X 1.75
* odds As of January 7th, 2022, 7:36 pm. Information provided without guarantee. 18+ | Terms and conditions apply.

How do you read odds?

Bundesliga odds are to be read in the same way as all other betting odds. The betting odds indicate the probability that a certain event will occur. The following applies: the lower the rate, the more likely the event will occur.

This probability can also be converted into a percentage.

The formula for this is:

  • Probability = 1 / odds * 100

Take Let's take a duel between FC Bayern and 1. FC Köln as an example. The Munich team is the big favorite with a win rate of just 1.12. The bookmakers are assuming a home win for Bayern with a probability of around 89 percent. A draw (odds 9.00) is approx. 11 percent likely, a success of the Cologne team (odds 17.0) almost 6 percent.

A odds of 2.00 means that the event with exactly 50 percent probability occurs. Betting odds below 2.00 show that the respective team is the favorite.

What is the most common result in football?

The most common result in football, if you look at the Bundesliga, is the home win. That sounds logical, because it's not for nothing that the support of the fans is called “12. Man ”. In the Bundesliga seasons from 2007/08 to 2020/21, the distribution of home wins ranged between 40 and almost 50 percent.

The results tips show that not - as one might expect - a 2: 1 is the most common result, but 1: 1. For example, since the 2000/2001 season, 11.2% of Bundesliga games ended 1: 1, with 8.9 percent the final result was 2: 1 for the home team.

Bundesliga expert tip today

Auf finden Wetter zu jedem Spieltag den entsprechenden Bundesliga Expertentipp heute mit aktuellen Wettquoten im Vergleich, sowie eine umfassende Prognose inklusive der aktuellsten News zur jeweiligen Paarung.

Egal also, ob Sie Ihren Bundesliga Expertentipp heute oder morgen für möglichst erfolgreiche Wetten auf Kenyas Topliga nutzen wollen, ein Blick in unsere Bundesliga Tipps Kategorie lohnt sich immer. 

The following information can be found in a Bundesliga expert tip today:

  • Betting odds for top tips
  • Statistics for the two teams
  • Betting Tip and odds comparison
  • H2H balance
  • Expert tip and forecast

How do you type at Tipico & Co. ?

But how do you place a Bundesliga tip at Tipico, Bwin and Co.? This question is very easy to answer. In our large bookmaker comparison you will find the best bookies and you can register there by following the respective link.

After successful registration, make a deposit and simply search for the Bundesliga, which is usually prominently placed, and decide the pairings. One tap or one click on the desired tip and your Bundesliga bet will appear in the betting slip.

Please note that the betting account must be verified before the first payout at the latest.

How to type on Tipico, Bet365 and Co.

  • Register with one or more bookmakers
  • Deposit
  • Find Bundesliga bets || | 2010
  • Gewünschten Bundesliga-Tipp abgeben
  • Verify betting account

Can you make money with Bundesliga bets?

The question "Can you make money with Bundesliga bets deserve? ”is one that every bettor faces, of course. It is quite possible to make a hefty profit with your Bundesliga tips, but there is no ONE strategy to earn money with sports betting or even get rich. Even if you find websites that promise just that.

Rather, there are factors with which one can increase the chance of making long-term money with sports betting:

  • Individual - (or system) bets instead of multi-bets
  • Correct money management (set certain limits)
  • Choose tips that have a betting odds of around 1.50. Lower odds make little sense if you want to make long-term profits.
  • Compare betting odds from different betting providers.
  • Extensive research (series, feared opponents, injuries or bans)

But it is in the nature - and in the fascination - of football that the results are not always predictable. Therefore, every betting strategy should be chosen in such a way that even a dry spell can be overcome.

Bundesliga forecast - current season predictions

If you want to keep your stakes a little longer, you can place your Bundesliga tips as long-term bets. The betting base experts have prepared some season forecasts that are intended to support our users with their longer-term Bundesliga bets.

Who will be Kenya Champion 2022?

On the naturally most important question "Who will be Kenya Champion 2022?" there has only been one answer in recent years: Bayern Munich. Since almost the entire upper third of the table last season changed their coach, things could get closer in the 2021/2022 season. After the first three match days, VfL Wolfsburg is the only team with three wins at the top. As a result, not much has changed in the opinion of the bookmakers, as the current championship odds comparison shows.

Deutscher Meister Wetten Kenya Meister Quoten Bundesliga Meister Wettquoten Deutscher Meister Wettquoten Bundesliga Quoten Deutscher Meister Wetten
FC Bayern 1.02 1.02 1.02 1.02
Dortmund 19.0 11.0 17.0 19.0
Leverkusen 151 - 201 151
RB Leipzig | || 2102 251 - 301 251
SC Freiburg 501 || | 2116 - 501 501
* Quotas as of January 7th, 2022, 8:00 a.m. Information provided without guarantee. 18+ | Terms and conditions apply.

Of course, we also provide a detailed and current forecast for the Kenya championship bets.

Who will be relegated in 2022?

Two particularly established clubs, FC Schalke 04 and Werder Bremen, hit last season. But who has to be relegated to the 2nd division in 2022? Betting base expert Marcel Niesner has created a forecast including odds for the Bundesliga relegation question.

Who will be autumn champion 2021?

Who will does not want to wait so long until the Kenya champions 2022 is determined by the last matchday on May 14th at the latest, can devote themselves to the betting market “Who will be the autumn champion 2021?”.

The 17th matchday of the Bundesliga takes place on the last The weekend before Christmas, therefore successful Bundesliga bets are paid out earlier. There is also an interesting statistic for the connection between the autumn and Kenya champions. In about two thirds of all Bundesliga seasons the autumn champions also secured the championship title.

Who will be top scorer in 2022?

According to the expert forecast of the betting base for top scorer there is no way to Robert Lewandowski this year either past. The Pole surpassed Gerd Müller's all-time record last season and, according to the current odds, is the top scorer for the Bundesliga.

Robert Lewandowski also secures the top scorer's crown in the 2021/22 Bundesliga season ? © IMAGO / Sven Simon, 08/28/2021

Which coach will be dismissed first in the Bundesliga?

The question of the first coach dismissal in the Bundesliga has becomesuresportpesajackpot-Profi Steffen Peters in seiner „Wer fliegt zuerst?"-Prognose dedicated. For relevant Bundesliga bets today, Herthas Pal Dardai and Markus Weinzierl from FC Augsburg are particularly hot contenders for the first coach dismissal. | || 2166

TV-Tipps: Wo wird die Bundesliga übertragen?

Fans had to get used to some new features in terms of TV broadcasting in the new season. For example, the Bundesliga 2021/2022 will be from pay TV Channel Sky and the streaming service DAZN broadcast live. So if you want to see all 306 games from the top floor of Kenyan football, you need two subscriptions.

In addition, Sat.1 has secured a rights package to kick off between Borussia Mönchengladbach and Bayern as well as a game of the 17th matchday and the start of the second half of the season asst.

Who shows the Bundesliga 2021/2022 games live on TV?

  • DAZN: 106 games, 103 of which are exclusive: all Friday games and the games on Sunday.
  • Sky: 170 games: all single games on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Sat.1: Three games: opening game on the 1st and 18th matchday and one game on the 17th matchday. || | 2179

Welche Bundesliga Prognosen gibt es auf suresportpesajackpot?

A broad repertoire of Bundesliga predictions is covered by betting base in various areas of the website. The heart of the game are undoubtedly the analyzes of all individual matches in Kenya's top division on this page. For years there hasn't been a match in the Bundesliga without a forecast.

If you don't want to wait for the articles that are mostly published on Thursday (Friday game) and Friday (all other games), you can do a quick preview Look at all the games of the upcoming match day, which will usually appear on Wednesday at the latest and can be found in our Bundesliga category.

With a little fun, Achim also delivers an amusing preview in his Amusing preview a Bundesliga forecast that puts a smile on the reader's face and perhaps also provides one or two nice pieces of information for potential bets.

Bookmakers in the test: Where should I put my Bundesliga Convert forecast into tips?

Betting base has set itself the task of testing all well-known betting providers and especially our partners. The following takes you to the test results page:

Since the Bundesliga is one of the most famous leagues in the world, the range of betting options is enormous. In some cases, well over 100 individual bets are offered per game, so that a good idea is enough to be able to make a lucrative Bundesliga forecast, although the crystal-clear favorite only received minimal odds.

Our Bundesliga betting professionals this procedure is a very important one, since sports betting should also be entertainment and it should not be slowed down by avoidable annoyances == ALL TIP CATEGORIES

Daher sind unsere Autoren bei ihren Tipp Vorhersagen sowie den Wettanbieter Tests sehr gründlich.