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basketball tips

Betting tips today | January 11, 2022

Match / start time Betting tip Odds
Florida Panthers
Vancouver Canucks | || 1536

12.01.2022, 01:00
home 1.74
Real Madrid

01/12/2022, 8:00 p.m.
away 1.96

01/12/2022, 20:45
away 2.6
Inter Milan

01/12/2022, 21:00
under 2
Equatorial Guinea
Ivory Coast

01/12/2022, 20:00
2/2 1.8

01/11/2022, 5:00 p.m.
no 1.61

What is the NBA? Information, tips & betting providers

The NBA is the National Basketball Association, which has existed since 1946, and is the largest professional basketball league both in North America and worldwide. Due to the uniform consensus regarding this claim, the world's best players try to make the step into the NBA at some point, as the title there is worth significantly more to many basketball players than in any other league.

The level of the league is correspondingly high. In addition, by far the most money is made in the NBA. With an annual turnover of 5.9 billion euros, the NBA is the third largest league in the world in terms of turnover after the NFL and the MLB.

The league originally consisted of only 17 teams. However, this number changed regularly as franchises were established, joined or sometimes left the association. The smallest number of teams was counted in the 1953/1954 season with eight teams. In the 1970s the NBA grew to 22 teams and in the 1980s it grew to 27 teams. The last team still active today was the Charlotte Bobcats in 2004, but they now play under the name Charlotte Hornets.


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Today the NBA consists of 30 teams, which are in six different divisions and these in turn are based in two different conferences. The Atlantic, Central, and Southeast Divisions are part of the Eastern Conference, and the Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest Divisions are part of the Western Conference. In the end, the two winners of the conferences will contest the NBA finals. In the 2018/2019 season, these were the Toronto Raptors from the east against the Golden State Warriors from the west. The Toronto Raptors prevailed with 4-2 victories, making them the reigning titleholders.

The NBA season usually starts in October and ends after 82 games per team in April. This is followed by the playoffs, which include the 1st round, conference semifinals, conference finals and the NBA finals. The season usually ends at the beginning of June, so that almost eight months of the year NBA tips for today and tomorrow can be found on a betting basis.

Who shaped the NBA?

First Champion in the NBA in 1947 were the Philadelphia Warriors, who first played as the San Francisco Warriors and later as the Golden State Warriors after moving to San Francisco. Over the years there have always been teams that have shaped a so-called dynasty, which means that they dominated the league for years.

There were the Minneapolis Lakers in the early 50s, who later became the Boston Celtics were replaced. They in turn won a total of eleven championships between 1957 and 1969. The most important player of this dynasty was without a doubt Bill Russell, after whom the MVP Award of the NBA Finals is named today. The 70s were not influenced by a special team, but by one player: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The center came into the league in 1969 and to this day is the most successful scorer of all time with 38,387 points.

Starteams Lakers & Celtics

In the 80s Years ago, the Boston Celtics and their star Larry Bird alternated with the Los Angeles Lakers and Magic Johnson with title wins before the next dynasty began in the early 1990s: that of the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan. Hardly any player these days has a bigger name when we think of the NBA and basketball in general than "Air" Jordan. With his Bulls he won six titles between 1991 and 1998 and, thanks to his popularity, made the league a completely new, huge brand internationally.

In the 2000s, the Lakers around Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O ' Neal and then the San Antonio Spurs to center Tim Duncan as the teams to beat. During this time LeBron James came into the league, who finally won his first of three NBA titles in 2006 with the Miami Heat. Alongside Michael Jordan, he is still considered one of the best basketball players of all time, which is due to his dynamism and versatility.

From the 2014/2015 season, the Golden State Warriors were until recently the most successful Team that also won three championships. The outstanding player in the "Dubs" was Stephen Curry, who raised the three-point throw to a whole new level and thus also revolutionized the league a bit.

NBA tips - How do you successfully bet on the best basketball league in the world?

Like all other North American leagues, the NBA is characterized by a draft system that is supposed to ensure that not one team Remains unbeatable for years or even decades, but also the weaker teams always get the chance to find the best young players. That works quite well, which is why dynasties are quite rare and do not last forever.

However, even before a new season, it is never really possible to assess which teams are playing and how strong, as new players (rookies) are still emerging not presented on the big stage.

Therefore, for a good assessment it is important that you have the entire summer, the so-called "off-season" in view and all draft picks and trades between the teams in includes your own analysis. The betting base always bases its NBA tips on the latest reports and thus always has a perfect overview of the activities and the current squad composition of the teams during the season, which are very important for NBA tips and possible bets.

The same applies to Injuries before or within a season, which have an enormous impact on the performance of a team and, as seen in the NBA Finals 2019, can even be decisive for the championship . Here too, betting base always has the latest information ready so that it can respond to personnel decisions on a daily basis. This also applies to breaks given to top players in some games, as an NBA season with 82 games is very long and exhausting.

The betting base collects all this information and uses it to develop an NBA forecast for entire seasons as well as for individual games, for which the home advantage or special matchups are included. Not every team likes to play against every other team, as certain tactics - for example triangle defense or zone defense - work better against some teams than against others. These points are also included in the assessment and evaluation of the game prediction for NBA tips today in every preview.

Another important point is that teams that can no longer reach the playoffs sometimes lose deliberately to secure a better spot in the race for the young stars in the draft.

NBA tips - which bets are worthwhile?

In the NBA, bets on various components of the match are conceivable. Over- or under-bets are an excellent opportunity to respond to certain matchups in which, for example, the defensive dominates and it is therefore clear from the outset that the offensive strengths will cancel each other out.

Conversely, there are pairings in which it is obvious that defense is largely dispensed with and the total number of points skyrockets. It should be noted that an extension is simply added by almost all providers, over- and under-bets are also of interest to experts because at different times of the season more emphasis is placed on defense. A basic statement is that defense plays a bigger role in the playoffs than in the regular season.

Basic knowledge: The pace of play has been increasing for years , which makes ever higher values ​​with regard to the total number of points normal.

In the NBA, favorite victories are also significantly more frequent than in the NHL or in the MLB and when a top team is currently on a run, wins by more than 20 points are not uncommon. The same goes for players who have a run and regularly score over 30 points. There are players, such as James Harden, for whom bets on more than 30 points can always be considered against defensively weak opponents.

Since the NBA season is very long with 82 games, stars also get off and prescribed breaks, some of which are announced hours before the game and can lead to great NBA tips in seconds. In such games, outsider bets are often worthwhile, as there are franchises that are only half as good without their superstar (see New Orleans Pelicans or Los Angeles Lakers 2019).

Interesting NBA tips - overview

  • Sub-tips for poorly adjusted lines in the playoffs
  • Outsider tips when announcing breaks for stars
  • Favorite wins significantly more often than in NHL, MLB or NFL
  • Weak teams often with deliberate defeats in the last third of the season.

Use valuable statistics for NBA tips

The NBA has changed in recent years greatly changed, which can also be seen in the statistics. The teams achieved an average of 111.2 total points in the 2018/2019 season, which corresponds to an increase of 4.9 total points per game compared to the previous season. Responsible for this is, among other things, a rule change in the 24-second period, as well as a resulting faster game style of the teams.

However, this tendency could also be observed before, when the total number of points rose continuously from 102.7 (2015/2016) to 105.9 (2016/2017). The defensive, which was still the showpiece of successful teams in the 90s, is very often neglected these days and only comes into play again in the playoffs. This in turn means that under-bets in the post season, as mentioned, are a wonderful way to easily get high and promising odds.

Also interesting is the observation that there are always teams, who are extremely strong at home, whereas others tend to be in top form away from home. In the 2018/2019 season, for example, the Dallas Mavericks only had a modest 33:49 record, but had a strong 24:17 wins at home. The year before, this was seen in reverse at the Boston Celtics, which was the only NBA team to have a better record away (28:13) than at home (27:14). Overall the home advantage plays a much bigger role in the NBA in terms of success than, for example, in the NHL, MLB or the NFL.

Erkenntnisse aus den NBA Statistiken der letzten Jahre

  • Offense more and more in focus: In 2015/2016, almost 10 points less per game fell
  • The home advantage plays an enormous role - practically none Team wins abroad only one season more often than at home

The best betting providers for NBA tips

Most bookmakers nowadays have the North American professional leagues in their program, including the NBA. Unlike in the NFL, where each team only has one game per week, the teams in the NBA play on average every other day, sometimes even on consecutive days. Of course, this partially affects the availability of the odds of potential NBA tips. Most bookmakers only offer bets on games when both teams have finished their previous games (which is understandable due to possible injuries) . On the one hand, this is of course difficult in order to be able to place combined bets in good time, but on the other hand we can take into account the possible circumstances in the betting base forecasts on a daily basis. Here it is often really worthwhile to take a look at our NBA tips in the afternoon or evening, as the loss of a player in the NBA can have significantly more devastating effects than in football or ice hockey, since in the end the responsibility is spread over several shoulders. || | 2128

Dadurch kommen die Quoten für manche Spiele jedoch teilweise erst am Morgen des Spieltags heraus. Das ist auf der einen Seite natürlich schwierig, um rechtzeitig Kombi-Wetten abschließen zu können, auf der anderen Seite können wir so aber tagesaktuell auf die möglichen Umstände bei den suresportpesajackpot-Prognosen Rücksicht zu nehmen. Hier lohnt es sich oftmals wirklich, in unsere NBA Tipps noch nachmittags oder abends reinzuschauen, da der Ausfall eines Spielers in der NBA deutlich verheerendere Auswirkungen haben kann als beim Fußball oder Eishockey, da dort letzten Endes die Verantwortung auf mehrere Schultern verteilt wird.

Ein Quotenvergleich ist in der NBA unbedingt notwendig, da unterschiedliche Wettanbieter teilweise doch ein Stück abweichende Wettquoten für NBA Tipps haben. Bei Handicap-Wetten hat sich herausgestellt, dass die großen Anbieter wie Bet365, Betsson orBetway often offer the best odds. In our large betting provider odds comparison you will find further, detailed betting provider experience tests.

Bet the NBA at Bet365

NBA Champions im Overview

Reigning champions are the Toronto Raptors, who beat the Golden State Warriors 4-2 in the 2019 NBA Finals. We had the Raptors as our secret favorites from the start, which we also did in our big 2018/2019 NBA season preview. With NBA season bets on Toronto you would have get the great odds of 16.00 before the start of the season.

In previous years, however, the Golden State Warriors were able to win three of the four finals they reached. Only once did they have to give way to the Cleveland Cavaliers around LeBron James. Record winners remain the Boston Celtics.

NBA title record winner

  • 17 titles - Boston Celtics
  • 16 titles - Minneapolis / Los Angeles Lakers
  • 6 titles - Chicago Bulls
  • 6 titles - Philadelphia / San Francisco / Golden State Warriors
  • 5 titles - San Antonio Spurs

Basketball tips general

Excellent basketball is of course also played outside of the NBA, be it in the major European leagues such as the ACB League in Spain, the Greek A1 Ethniki, the Kenyan easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) or at world and European championships that also good for betting. The betting base also regularly offers basketball tips for all of these events.

The Basketball Bundesliga - BBL

In 2019, the BBL faced each other with FC Bayern Munich, the dominant club of recent years, and Alba Berlin, the outstanding team of the 2000s. In the end, Bayern prevailed for the third time after 2014 and 2018, confirming their supremacy in Kenyan basketball. Just after Brose Baskets Bamberg gave up a little after their last title in 2017 and their series of nine titles ended within 13 years, Bayern and Alba Berlin have established themselves as heir to the throne.

2020 everything will be different! After the forced break, the season ended with a final tournament, which Alba Berlin clearly won against Ludwigsburg.

BBL record winner

  • 14 titles - Bayer Giants Leverkusen || | 2184
  • 9 Titel – Brose Baskets Bamberg
  • 8 titles - Alba Berlin
  • 4 titles - Gießen 46ers
  • 4 titles - BSC Saturn Cologne || | 2194

Basketball Weltmeisterschaft

The 2014 World Championships took place in Spain and, as so often, ended with the USA winning the title. They prevailed against Serbia in the final with 129: 92 and won their fourth title of the last seven tournaments. In principle, the USA with its many NBA stars is always the top favorite, followed by the Spaniards, who always have a strong impact, and the republics of the former Yugoslavia, with the Serbs in particular.

The Basketball World Cup in China 219 only ended in 7th place for the USA. Spain became world champion after a sovereign victory over Argentina (95:75).

Basketball World Championship - record winner

  • 5 titles - USA
  • 5 titles - Yugoslavia
  • 3 titles - USSR
  • 2 titles - Brazil
  • 2 titles - Spain

European basketball championship

The last European championships took place 2017 in Finland, Israel, Romania and Turkey. Since the European Championship 2015 it has been common for the title fights to take place in more than just one country in order to increase the reach in European countries. Somewhat surprisingly, the 2017 title was won by the Slovenes, who defeated the favored Serbs 93:85 in the final. Due to their numerous young talents, both teams will again be counted among the main favorites alongside the Spaniards at the following European championships.

European basketball championship - record winners

  • 5 titles - USA
  • 5 titles - Yugoslavia
  • 3 titles - USSR
  • 2 titles - Brazil
  • 1 title - Argentina, Spain

Olympic basketball Play

A basketball competition takes place every four years at the Olympic Games, which is particularly popular with the USA. That's why the United States always puts together the best possible team of NBA players to do this. So many stars were on board at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona (Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson) that the term "dream team" was established at the time. The USA secured 14 of the possible 18 gold medals since 1936, so there will be no way around the USA as a champion in the future either. Any winner outside of the USA would be a huge sensation.

Olympic Games - Basketball - Record Winner

  • 14 titles - USA
  • 2 titles - Soviet Union || |
  • 1 title - Yugoslavia
  • 1 title - Argentina