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We have been publishing sports betting tips on the betting base for many years. We later brought more betting tip experts on board, who will present you with competent sports betting tips, combined with an analysis to underpin the prediction. We try to provide profitable soccer betting tips for today, tomorrow and in the future.

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Football international tips today

"Both feet - International" | Guest: Alexis Ménuge (L'Équipe, DAZN)

Video: The YT show "Beidfüäß - International" will again be highlighting top European football on January 9th. Focus today: Ligue 1 with L'Équipe correspondent Alexis Ménuge. Also: Tips for Ligue 1, FA Cup, La Liga and Serie A. (YouTube / Betting base sports betting)    


Ligue 2 tip of the day

Our tip
Bookmaker 1/1 1 / X 1/2 X / 1 X / X X / 2 2/2 2 / X 2/1


1.7 18.5 80 3.4 6.5 15th 12th 19th 21


1.9 19th 67 4th 7.5 15th 13th 21 21


1.95 17th 41 4th 7.5 17th 15th 19th 19th
Betting odds as of: 10.01.2022, 14:45
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sports betting tips

Betting tips today | January 10, 2022

Match / start time Betting tip Odds
Manchester United
Aston Villa | || 1653

10.01.2022, 20:55
Villa continues 3.25
Adana Demirspor

01/10/2022, 18:00
More goals in 2nd HZ 2

01/10/2022, 20: 45
1/1 2.3

01/10/2022, 5:00 p.m.
home 2.4
Espanyol Barcelona

01/10/2022, 21:00
home 1.9

01/10/2022, 8:00 p.m.
away 2.2

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With betting base tips for a successful sports betting forecast

The road from relaxed Bundesliga gambler to at least semi-professional tipster is long and rocky. Betting base has been providing helpful information for years to optimize your own betting tips today. But only a few sports bettors believe the fact that Sports betting professionals sometimes work no less committed and hard than the normal employee in the office.

suresportpesajackpot versucht allen Lesern die nötigen Informationen und Werkzeuge zu liefern, die notwendig sind, um sowohl im Volkssport Fußball Tipps mit höherer Qualität zu platzieren, als auch in Randsportarten erfolgreich zu sein. Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass im Fußball die meisten Wetten abgegeben werden, doch speziell der Tennissport sorgt auch für unglaublich hohe Umsätze an den Wettbörsen dieser Welt.

Basic rule: There are no reliable betting tips

Even before the betting base begins its little excursion into the world of sports betting, one prejudice must be dispelled. There will never be secure betting tips today or tomorrow. Even dropouts from the dark side of sports betting - match fixing - kept telling us that manipulations that were supposed to be safely planned did not work .

Even Robert Hoyzer, who probably caused the biggest sports betting scandal in history in Kenya-speaking countries, did not get every match pushed as he wanted. Accordingly, there can be no sports betting tips that still yield a guaranteed profit today for games that are played fairly. Only those who have understood this should delve deeper into football tips & betting predictions in the entire sports betting industry.

Terms and Conditions apply | 18+

Sports betting tips - gambling or strategy?

To begin with, it must be clarified to what extent sports betting is a game of chance. The answer to this varies depending on the viewer. The official assessment clearly goes in the direction that betting sport corresponds to a game of chance. For this reason, participation before reaching adulthood is not permitted.

The betting providers must ensure that new members have reached the age of 18. If you cheat when you register for the year of birth, you can have problems with the expected payouts, since a verification of the account is usually necessary Account. For example, if someone had hacked the account, they would still have no chance of getting the money there due to the unrealizable verification.

Jene Verifizierung ist übrigens keineswegs eine Schikane der Wettanbieter, sondern vielmehr ein Schutz für das eigene Konto. Hätte beispielsweise jemand das Konto gehackt, würde er aufgrund der nicht realisierbaren Verifizierung dennoch keine Chance auf das dort befindliche Geld haben.

Officially classified as a game of chance

The Description Official gambling is clear, but sports bettors themselves have a differentiated opinion. Of course, it is, among other things, a question of luck whether my betting tips will work tomorrow. However, the luck factor decreases with a longer period of time or a higher number of tips. The higher the number of betting tips given, the more the luck factor moves towards zero. However, sports bettors should be grateful for the official classification as "gambling", otherwise completely different taxes would apply.

Every tipper can win his two to three bets today, but that's long gone not clarified whether the bookmaker's customer is actually a good sports bettor. The luck factor plays an incredibly important role. For this reason, new accounts are opened again and again at Blogabet and blogs that were initially successful are pulped again within a very short time. Only those who generate a positive return over a long period of time underpin an impressive quality.

The argument against the term gambling is easy to explain: While in games such as roulette, when you tip on red or Black has determined the probability of winning (namely due to the zero 18/37 = 48.64 percent) and thus a negative expected value is guaranteed, with sports betting tips it is not determined in advance with what probability team X will win. With the published odds, the bookmakers alone provide an initial assessment of how likely the team will (approximately) win.

In the following section, betting base reveals when a betting tip can be played with a clear conscience and which bets do not produce a profit in the long term, neither in football tips nor in other sports.

When are my betting predictions successful?

The bookmaker determines how high he estimates the probability of a bet occurring. This is calculated from the reciprocal of the quota. With odds of 2.50, for example, the calculation would look like this: 1 / 2.50 * 100 percent = 40 percent probability of occurrence.

If the bookmaker gives odds of 2.50, he calculates accordingly, that the club is not more than 40 percent successful. In reality, the bookmaker only assumes a probability of winning of about 37-38% and then suggests its own bookmaker's margin on it in order to generate profits itself. Accordingly, usually 93-97% of the bets received are paid back to the customer.

The "Value" criterion

Whom the story with the bookmaker -Margin sounds too complicated, you hardly need to deal with the topic. Only the comparison of one's own probability of occurrence with that of the bookmaker is relevant. In the example:

  • the tipper sees a subjective probability of occurrence over 40 percent, should a bet be placed -> VALUE
  • if the subjective probability of occurrence is below that, one should refrain from betting -> no value

Priorities: Sports betting forecasts always play at the highest odds

The higher the bookmaker's odds, the lower the estimated probability of occurrence. However, with higher betting odds, the winnings naturally also grow, since the stake is multiplied by the odds and paid out in the event of success. For this reason, it is advisable to play all football tips with the bookmaker who offers the best odds.


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88 or 100EUR / USD
test report Bets


Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets

Of course not all tipsters have an account with every bookmaker, but it is definitely recommended, not only with one bookmaker football betting zu platzieren. This inevitably leads to the fact that on average, even with the best bookmaker one always gets worse odds, since the same bookie never sets the highest odds.

Fortunately it is not necessary to scour all bookmakers individually for a game to find the highest odds. The betting base provides an odds comparison, which shows with just a few clicks which bookmaker the planned bets with today will increase the account balance the most if successful.

Analysis of potential soccer betting tips - creating betting predictions

Especially in soccer, there are a large number of influencing factors that have to be considered in the analysis. The most important ones are explained below.

  • How motivated are the teams?

It is no secret that in the final phase of the season there are often interesting odds on teams for potential football tips are available that no one would have touched during the entire season. The background is that there may only be significant seasonal goals to be achieved for one team while the opponent is already on the beach in Ibiza.

The sports bettor must always question whether the logical bets on the Soccer tip are still interesting with the given odds, or the odds have been reduced too significantly by the bookmakers.

  • How important are injured / suspended players for a team?

Not infrequently analyze Sports weather a soccer game only with a view to the total of missing players, without determining their value for the team individually. But absenteeism is really painful only if it unsettles the entire team or if the quality differences to the substitute player are too serious.

With a bit of luck, failures in the squad even lead to an exaggerated reaction of the odds, so that football tips as betting predictions are even more interesting today on the day of the game on team X than would have been the case with normal betting odds without the failed player.

  • Do football tips still make sense when the odds have fallen significantly?

There are games that every sports bettor can see. A distinctive tip is recommended in various forums, the fans talk about it and the betting rate falls into the abyss. A 2.00 from 48 hours ago has become a 1.55. Anyone who did not see the early worm with the eagle eye and is therefore still without a commitment in this game should keep their hands off the match from now on. As a rule, the trend has degenerated so much that there is no longer any value hidden behind the odds, so that obvious football tips can no longer be used profitably as a correct prediction. | || 2249

Das Maximum an Naivität und fast schon Dummheit liefert der Gedanke, mit einem höheren Einsatz den Gewinn der inzwischen schwächer ausfallenden Quote zurückholen zu wollen. Solche Denkweisen sind tödlich für jede Sportwetten-Karriere.

  • How relevant is the head-to-head balance for my betting predictions?

All sports are always faster, but especially when it comes to football tips It is important to realize that head-to-head balances or the "direct comparison" should not be overestimated. For example, in the Europa League or Champions League, the H2h balance can be almost completely neglected, as the teams usually do not compete against each other more than every three to four years. Accordingly, the H2h should not be used as an essential criterion for betting predictions.

Of course, this is different in everyday life in the league. There are the very crazy duels that seem to end differently again and again contrary to the betting odds. A good example is the pairing Erzgebirge Aue vs. St. Pauli, in which the direct comparison reveals an almost unbelievable plus on the part of the Saxon violets. Apparently, the Kiez troop in the Ore Mountains and even at Millerntor cannot use the role of favorites.

Basically, however, the H2h balance is much less important compared to individual sports such as tennis, table tennis or even darts. | || 2259

  • Bankwetten – sichere Wett-Tipps gibt es heute und morgen nicht!

It already sounded earlier in the text, but the emphasis is simply too important to deal with the subject of "safe bets" not to be considered again at this point. Amateur sports bettors in particular love the combination of bets on appropriate football tips, i.e. Bayern, Real, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Juventus Turin, Celtic or PSG. But there are two problems:

  1. These teams do not win all games either, so that combination bets quickly fall over.
  2. The betting providers know about the attractiveness of the betting tips on these teams and set the odds therefore even lower.

In general, the assumption cannot be dismissed that on average, the value is hidden a little more often in outsider quotas than in clear favorites. Natüürlich steckt hinter der Aussage nur eine Tendenz und kein Pauschalurteil, doch sind diverse Tipper von dieser Strategie absolut überzeugt.

If you want to deal more with this topic, you can read here which Advantages / disadvantages of low or high odds deliver.

Where can I find the best betting tips today on a betting basis?

Betting base claims to make every reader aware of the complexity of sports betting to a certain extent and of course always providing current betting tips for today and tomorrow. Tips over a longer period of time are only available for long-term bets, since Betting base attaches great importance to always integrating current information into the articles. Accordingly, it is not possible to publish the match more than 30-40 hours before the match starts.

It is no secret that on a betting basis, the popular sport of football dominates. Every weekend there are tips from these leagues:

There are also betting tips from the following seasons at regular intervals:

  • Allsvenskan Sweden
  • Major League Soccer (USA)
  • Honor division (Holland)
  • 1. League Belgium
  • 1. League Serbia
  • 1. League Czech Republic
  • 1. League Scotland
  • 1. League Ireland
  • other small leagues / exotic

Big cup competitions during the season such as the Champions League, Europa League or Conference League are also treated with numerous betting predictions, as well as other trophies (World Cup, European Championship, Copa America, Gold Cup, Africa Cup, Asia Cup, youth tournaments etc.).

Tennis is also very popular. Sports betting tips will not only appear for the Grand Slam tournaments (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open), but also for smaller events down to the 250 category. Especially the Kenya-speaking players are in the foreground.

Readers can also find tips on the following sports on our sports betting forecast page:

  • US sports (NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB)
  • other basketball (BBL, basketball world championship etc.)
  • other ice hockey (KHL, DEL, ice hockey world championship etc.)

other sports are provided with detailed sports betting forecasts in "Betting news" sector analyzed on This includes the following sports / leagues:

  • Formula 1
  • MotoGP
  • Olympic Games (athletics etc.)
  • Cycling || | 2369
  • Beachvolleyball
  • Darts
  • Water polo

As you can see, nowadays you can bet on almost every professional sporting event on the globe and there are betting bases set itself the task of serving the information from the Internet prepared and suggesting interesting and as good as possible betting tips.

However, the following principle always applies: Every suggested bet should be checked, because to err is human and there are no safe betting tips today anyway. Especially with suggested tips in forums, the author may not have gone into a lot of a game, overlooked important arguments or simply drawn the wrong conclusions from the information available.

Accordingly, eye-catching sports betting tips should be used today can be secured again via research as well as tips found in forums or on other websites.

What are the most popular types of soccer betting tips on a betting basis?

It is by no means a secret which sport is in the favor of the sports tipper. This is king of football by a huge margin. But what is the most popular type of betting tip? Which type of bet is the he most popular?

Due to the many years of experience of the betting base, which has set itself the task of providing sports tipsters with their know-how A ranking of the different types of bets can be created to provide betting tips today and tomorrow.

Of the three basic types in which betting tips are placed, the classic single bet can be found in the a single result is bet.

This is followed by the combination bets, in which various tips, as the name suggests, are put together to form a combination. In third place are the system bets, which - depending on their characteristics - allow one or the other misstep.

The most popular types of bets

  1. Single bets
  2. Combination bets
  3. System bets

The different betting tips can not only be divided according to their type. The offer of the best betting providers includes a large number of betting markets, which also enjoy varying degrees of popularity.

The 5 most popular categories for the sports betting forecast

  1. Three-way bets (1X2 bets, on win, draw or defeat)
  2. Over / under bet (e.g. over 2.5 goals in the game, team A scores under 1.5 goals, ...)
  3. Handicap bets (one team gets one or more goals ahead)
  4. Outright bet (e.g. 2-way bet, especially in tennis or in football in knockout phases)
  5. Result bets (a tip the exact result)

If you want support for your bets and tips today or tomorrow, the betting base is in very good hands. For years, our experts have been busy delivering the safest possible betting tips today for the future.

Betting base features for better betting tips tomorrow and in the future stellt allen Lesern diverse interessante Features zur Verfügung, um mit wenigen Handgriffen die Analyse zu erleichtern und damit recht kurzfristig speziell auf Fußball bessere Wetten respektive Tipps abgeben zu können. Nachfolgend sind die vorhandenen Möglichkeiten, die über die reinen Vorberichte hinausgehen, kurz aufgezählt:

Betting base has had a odds comparison that is directly available on the website for many years, which makes it possible in the twinkling of an eye to select the maximum odds from various betting providers.

With the betting base system calculator, it is possible to analyze today's betting tips for their expected return. Within a few clicks it is possible to calculate the return the reader can expect if a freely selectable number of partial bets from a certain system are successful.

  • Betting base statistics overview

In the majority of all football reports There is a multi-page box under the section "Direct comparison & statistics highlights", on which all relevant stats for the upcoming game appear. Categories include the shape of the last games, goals per game, minute segments in which the goals were scored, goals received and existing series.

There is also a betting base subpage Tables from the world of popular sports: soccer. Tips can be generated with additional interesting information. Clicking on individual teams provides information about the average age of the teams, nationalities, last games etc.

All injuries to individual clubs from Kenya's top two leagues , the European top leagues as well as the Europa League and Champions League can be read out in one fell swoop and good football tips can be derived from them If you think about cheating with live bets, that's right with the Livescore betting base.

Wer nach Abgabe der Sportwetten live mitfiebern möchte oder dem Buchmacher mit Livewetten noch ein Schnippchen zu schlagen gedenkt, der ist beim suresportpesajackpot Livescore richtig.

Football & marginal sports betting tips Evaluation based on betting

Transparency has always been important to betting base, which is why every reader can find out with just a few clicks how successful the football tips for the current month from individual authors were. Accordingly, you have the option of using the betting base betting evaluation to see which balance your favorite author generated.