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Sports betting strategies

Almost every sports betting fan has their own betting strategies for how they want to win.

Different ways of increasing your betting credit are presented here.

You are cordially invited to share your betting strategies with us on how you can win in football bets (or bets on other sports).

We will then publish these here (anonymously if desired, of course).

Please simply send a message to [email protected]!

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Note: NO strategy can guarantee a sure win. So always bet responsibly!

Sports betting strategies submitted so far (part 1):

Sports betting strategy Author
Value- Strategy (probabilities) and stakes according to Kelly Andreas
Strategy 'professional betting' single bets Arthur
Betting on a draw Michael
Tie system bets Sebastian
Bet consistently on a tie Thilo
Combination bets with 2 , Betting tip Dirk Berger
Live betting value bet football Ludi
Estimate and compare probabilities Football -John
Tie / Tie Combi bet Jessica
Betting on late goals (76th-90th minute) FHM || | 309
Tennis-Finalwetten-Surebets auf Wettbörsen Florian
Ice hockey betting strategy - number of goals Stefan H.
Livewetten Surebets Fritz
Basketball betting strategy Ricardo
Frankre ich Under (0 to 1 goals) - Soccer betting strategy Beda
Europa League first legs in system bet Giancarlo
Tips for Live Betting Holger
Tennis bets depending on the surface Andreas
Betting against favorites Wettking
Secure bonus and free bets Michael
Live betting surebets on betting exchanges Martin
Arbitrage betting strategy || | 332 Thomas Wunderlich
Tie on betting exchanges Adrian
Long-term betting strategy Danube D.
besser wetten in 7 Tagen

Under Sports betting - strategy .de you will find reviews and comments on the betting base strategies