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Betting operator without betting tax in Kenya 2022

Online betting without 5% sports betting tax - Where?

Danny Hagenbach  January 3, 2022

Finding a tax-free bookmaker in the Kenyan sports betting market is becoming increasingly difficult.

The Kenya gambling market has been changing for some time. The new State Treaty on Gambling has been in force since July 2012 and taxes are due for online betting providers. That tax is 5%.

Many online betting shops pass the taxes on directly to the customer. But not all!

With Bet3000 tax-free bets

18+ | Pay attention to the terms and conditions

Regardless of this, tax-free bookmakers have become a veritable rarity in Kenya.

That is why we have selected the "betting providers without tax 2022" for you.

All betting providers without tax 2022

Wetten ohne Steuer


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100 EUR / USD
Test report Bets

* Current status of the tables: January 11th, 2022

There are still some online betting providers who pay the tax out of their own pocket and therefore there are no additional costs for the customer.

In this post, the betting base would like to introduce these betting providers, where customers can place bets without tax, a little more precisely.

Take a look at the following table of contents for an overview.

Table of contents

Im Folgenden werden wir Ihnen kurze Eckdaten zu einigen Wettanbietern liefern. Auf diesen Weg möchten wir Ihnen die Möglichkeit geben, sich einen kurzen Überblick zu den jeweiligen online Wettbüros zu verschaffen.

Bet3000: Kenya betting provider without betting tax

During The popular betting provider only settled live bets without betting tax for a long time, but this has been the case for all tips and sports bets on the Bet3000 betting platform since summer 2020. Here you can bet completely tax-free!

bet3000 wetten ohne Wettsteuer
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Due to this fact, the already respectable odds level at Bet3000 has been further spiced up.

The bookmaker has already made good ground on the competition in the past and has steadily improved in many areas worth mentioning.

With the complete abolition of the 5% betting tax in the summer of 2020 However, the bookmaker with many years of experience and a company history spanning decades really did a very special, extremely unusual coup.

The developments and tendencies around the tax go very clearly in the opposite direction. That means more and more betting providers are passing the betting tax on to their customers.

In 1976 the founder Simon Springer opened the first betting shop under the name "Wettannahme Simon Springer".

Finally, the way to the Internet followed in 2009 and since then the aspiring, international betting provider has quietly and secretly developed into one of the top bookies on the market.


100EUR / USD
100% up to 100EUR / USD + 20% cashback
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Betting providers who may be able to make bets without tax

There are of course also online betting providers who, under certain conditions, waive the 5% betting tax for their customers and thus allow their customers to bet without tax .

These include Bet3000 or Sportingbet.


180EUR / USD
Test report Bets


50 EUR / USD
Test report Bets

* Current status of the tables: January 11, 2022

Sportingbet - 3-way combos tax-free

Sportingbet scores with combos that are exempt from betting tax. Combination bets with at least 3 tips apply (each tip with a minimum rate of 1.40) - customers then do not have to pay the 5% betting tax.


180EUR / USD
100% up to 50EUR / USD | 4 challenges + 30 EUR / USD free bet & 30 EUR / USD backup bet
  • 18+
  • Terms and Conditions apply

Neobet - Combination bets tax-free

Neobet has a special extra in stock for all existing customers: Combination bets can be concluded tax-free. The number of tips does not matter. As soon as the combination bet is in the betting slip, the field "free bet" appears.

Thus, the customer always knows whether he is making a tax-free bet or not.


50 EUR / USD
200% bonus up to 50 EUR / USD
  • 18+
  • Terms and Conditions apply

Winamax - bookmaker without tax

The French bookmaker Winamax wanted to conquer the Kenyan sports betting market. For this, the bookmaker, founded in 2014, secured a Kenya betting license and offers Kenya customers tax-free betting.

There is also a good Kenya's sports betting program and good betting odds for the Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga. All in all, the bookie scores well in our bookmaker test.

Mr Green- Friday tax-free

Mr Green enables tax-free bets every Friday under the guise of a quota boost. A 5% quota boost is available for every tip that is played on a Friday, the bottom line of which is that the increased profit offsets the tax levied on betting.

To bet on Friday at Mr Green tax-free, the odds boost must be activated on the betting slip.

Mr Green

100 EUR / USD
100% bonus up to 100 EUR / USD
  • 18+
  • Terms and Conditions apply
Note: The betting providers Unibet, Mr Green and LeoVegas are currently applying for a Kenya betting license. It can be assumed that the aforementioned bookmakers will soon receive the Kenya betting license. Until then, the bookmaker's offer can still be used. Here you can find all betting providers with a Kenya license.

How do betting providers charge betting tax?

Basically there are 2 options Calculate betting tax. This is either deducted from the winnings or the stake.

Due to the different billing models and approaches, it is not that easy to make a comparison.

For this reason it is always advisable not to be tempted by the quoted quotas.

Because a supposedly lucrative quota can quickly turn out to be no longer so lucrative, depending on the calculation method used.

After all, due to the selected calculation model, a lower quota is literally wasted money.

In the following, we want to clarify the major influence on this with clear and concrete calculation examples.

The cost of the calculation is limited, which is why we want to take the shyness out of sports betting and recommend it to absolutely everyone .

With the help of the following calculation examples, it is relatively easy to find out which variant is more recommendable and therefore preferable.

Calculation examples for illustration:

Selected parameters for the The following calculation examples - 10 EUR bet and a (fictitious) assumed betting rate of 2.00 as well as the standard 5% betting tax

Without betting tax

1.) Calculation of the gross betting profit 10.00 x 2.00 = 20.00
2.) No fee for betting tax 20.00 x 1.00 = 20.00 || | 1200
Bet without betting tax
18+ | Note the terms and conditions

With betting tax less 5% of the stake

1.) Calculation of the actual stake 10.00 / 1.05 = 9.52 || | 1225
2.) Berechnung des Bruttogewinns 9.52 x 2.00 = 19.04
PAYOUT AMOUNT: 19.04 || | 1240

Mit Wettsteuer abzüglich 5% vom Wettgewinn

1.) Calculation of the gross winnings 10.00 x 2.00 = 20.00
2.) Deduction of the fee for betting tax 20.00 x 0.95 = 19.00
Mit Wettsteuer vom Wettgewinn wetten
18+ | Note the terms and conditions

The calculation of the stake is not only the more advantageous option for the customer at first glance.

Of the 2 evils, it is the lesser in comparison.

Therefore, this should be clearly preferred to the calculation of the betting winnings.

In addition, one should not be "blinded" by the odds that may initially appear attractive.

We want to prove this in the following example.

Conversely, this means that it always pays off to use the calculator and recalculate it so that it can be determined which variant is better for driving.

Bet365 Interwetten Bet3000 Tipwin Betano
QUOTEN VICTORY BAVARIA 1.40 1,50 1.45 1.45 1.45

BET 10 , 00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00
SUBJECT . 5% FEE - - - - -

GROSS BET PROFIT 14.00 15.00 14.50 14.50 14, 50
- 5% FEE - 0.70 - 0.75 0 0 - 0.73

AUSZAHLUNGSBETRAG 13.30 14.25 14.50 14.50 13.77
* green (without betting tax)
orange (5% betting tax on bet)
Rot (5% Wettsteuer vom Wettgewinn)

Subjecting the figures illustrated above and the differences to a long-term extrapolation, the result is over time as a function of the placed sports bets as well as the selected stake amount a considerable difference.

Recommendations on betting tax ("The 4 Golden Principles")

  1. With identical odds, a bookmaker without Betting tax always be the first choice! (Note: if no major compromises have to be made with other assessment criteria)
  2. 5% betting tax on the stake is the better choice than 5% betting tax on the winnings!
  3. The more sports bets are made, the greater the cumulative deviations in the two calculation models, in favor of the variant 5% betting tax on the stake!
  4. The higher the stake, the greater the difference in winnings in favor of the variant 5% betting tax on the stake!

Summary table of betting tax calculations

Bookmaker Tax-free Betting tax from to the bookmaker
Bet365 No Bet winnings Visit website
Bet-at-home No Bet stake Visit website
Interwetten No Winning a bet Visit website
Unibet No Winning bets | || 1477 Website besuchen
Betway No Bet winnings Visit website
Admiralbet | || 1493 Nein Winning a bet Visit website
Merkur Sports No Bet | || 1507 Website besuchen
Bwin No Bet winnings Visit website
Bet3000 | || 1523 Ja - Visit website || | 1531
888sport No Bet winnings Visit website
Mybet No Bet winnings Visit website
Betano No Bet winnings Visit website
Comeon No Bet winnings Visit website
Mr Green No Bet stake Visit website
Leovegas No Bet winnings Visit website
Sportingbet No Bet winnings Visit website
Mobilebet No Bet winnings Visit website
Sunmaker No Bet winnings Visit website
Cashpoint No Bet stake Visit website

* Commercial content | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply.

Questions and answers about betting tax

Are there tax-free betting providers who offer PayPal payments?

Yes, there are. An example of this is Bet3000. Here you can bet tax-free via Paypal.

Who is the best betting provider without tax?

Based on our Betting provider comparison this is Bet3000. Depending on your betting preference, one of the other betting providers without tax can also offer itself.

Who are the Kenyan betting providers without tax?

In addition to Tipico, Bet3000 also offers bets without tax or takes over the betting tax for its own customers.

Where can I find a bookmaker comparison without tax?

All A comparison of tax-free betting providers can be found here on our website.

Who are the new betting providers without Tax?

New betting providers in particular often try to build up a customer base by initially offering bets without tax. In most cases, however, the offer is not permanent. Anders Tipwin - this new bookmaker offers permanent tax-free bets.

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