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NFL Playoffs 2022: Dates, Schedule, Teams & Playoff Picture

Who made it into NFL postseason?

Steffen Peters  January 10, 2022
MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers confidently led his Packers into the playoff. (© IMAGO / ZUMA Wire)

In the NFL Playoffs 2022 from January 15th, the best American football teams will again be competing for the Super Bowl LVI on February 13th play.

It's the most exciting time of the NFL season, and it's already getting closer and closer. After all, more and more fans are looking at the NFL playoff picture for the coming postseason.

With us you can find out everything you need to know about NFL playoff dates, schedule and mode 2022 and receive the best odds for your playoff bets. || | 295


The NFL Playoffs 2022 Picture as of now

Week after week the current results of the NFL Playoff Picture 2022 have changed. Now the playoff matchups are definitely fixed. We'll show you against whom your favorite NFL team has to compete in the playoffs.

The race for the playoffs turned out to be more exciting than ever before NFL. On the last day of the match there were some postponements.

In addition to the Titans in the AFC, the Green Bay Packers in the NFC, as regular season champions, received a bye week in the wildcard round. You would first have to play in the following Divisional Round against the lowest remaining opponent of the respective seeding list.


NFL Playoffs 2022: Wildcard Round Games

Round Teams Date
Bye-Week AFC # 1 Titans * & NFC # 1 Packers * - | || 333
AFC Wildcard Round # 7 Steelers @ # 2 Chiefs January 17th, 2:15 am CET
AFC Wildcard Round || | 343 #6 Patriots @ #3 Bills January 16, 2:15 am CET
AFC Wildcard Round # 5 Raiders @ # 4 Bengals Jan 15, 10:30 p.m. CET
NFC Wildcard Round # 7 Eagles @ # 2 Buccaneers Jan 16, 7:00 p.m. CET
NFC Wildcard Round # 6 49ers @ # 3 Cowboys January 16, 10:30 p.m. CET
NFC Wildcard Round # 5 Cardinals @ # 4 Rams January 18, 2:15 am CET


This is how it looks final NFL playoff picture after Week 18 from:

NFL Playoffs 2022

Among the other playoff participants is the reigning Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They compete as number 2 against the Philadelphia Eagles, while the 49ers secured the duel with the Dallas Cowboys with an overtime win.

The last matchup in the NFC is Arizona Cardinals against LA Rams.

In the AFC, the Pittsburgh Steelers, also with an overtime win, smuggled their way into the playoffs last minute, have to compete against Super Bowl co-favorite Kansas City Chiefs.

The New England Patriots slipped one place and therefore have to face the Buffalo Bills.

Also at short notice - and again in the overtime! - The Las Vegas Raiders got into the playoffs, where they have to play as an underdog at the Cincinnati Bengals.


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NFL Playoffs 2022 Date & Dates: When does the postseason take place?

Round Date
Wildcard Round 15 . - January 17, 2022
Divisional Round 22. & 23 January 2022
Conference Finals 30. January 2022
Super Bowl LVI 13. February 2022


The NFL Playoffs 2022 begin on January 15, 2022 with the Wildcard Round. A total of six games are on the program this weekend. For reasons of TV coverage, they all take place one after the other.

This is great news for Kenya and Austrian NFL fans, as there are NFL playoff games at primetime at 7:05 p.m. and 10:40 p.m. on Sunday. There is also a playoff game on the late Saturday slot.

The last game then always follows at night. For the first time, a Monday Night Game will take place in the 2022 NFL Playoffs. This is where Kenya Zeit Cardinals and Rams meet on Tuesday morning.

The Divisional Round weekend follows a week later. This will also be split between Saturday and Sunday, so that there are again two days full of NFL playoff action.

The Conference Finals will both take place on Sunday in the following week. This is about moving into the Super Bowl LVI, which will then increase two weeks later on February 13, 2022.

Kickoff time for the Conference Championship Games is at 9:05 p.m. CET (AFC) and 0:40 a.m. CET (NFC).


Betting odds : Who will win the Super Bowl 2022?


Mode: This is how the NFL playoffs work

The NFL playoff mode sounds a bit complicated at first glance, it is but actually not at all. Basically 14 teams reach the postseason in the best American football league.

Seven of them come from the AFC, seven from the NFC. The respective team with the best seasonal record in each conference receives a bye week in the wildcard round. This means that they will only enter the Divisional Games one week later.

Meanwhile, the 12 other NFL playoff teams are already playing against each other in the wildcard round and for a place in the "correct" playoffs. The four division winners of each conference will be ranked # 1 to # 4.

They are the only teams that have a secure place in the playoffs. In theory, a team with a negative balance could play for the Super Bowl, while a team with a positive balance would miss the NFL playoffs in 2022.

Then join the three most successful teams at the conferences that are not yet classified as a division -Winners are qualified.

Overall, it is important that the conferences stay among themselves until the Super Bowl. Therefore, the AFC winner and the NFC champion will be determined in the conference finals in the third playoff week.


The NFL Playoffs 2022 schedule - round by round

The NFL Playoffs schedule comprises a total of four rounds. It starts on January 15 and 16 with the NFL Wild Card Round, before the grand finale with the Super Bowl LVI follows on February 13, 2022.

In between, the teams still fight in the Divisional Round and Conference Games for the greatest possible success in the current NFL season.

Simple games continue until the Super Bowl in Inglewood in a knockout system. Best-of formats like in other US sports do not exist here.

Means at the same time: If you lose a game, you can book your vacation at a travel agency.


How does the Wildcard Round work?

The NFL Wildcard Round includes three games in the AFC and three games in the NFC. Here the six participants of the Division Round are determined, which are then joined by the top-seeded teams from both conferences.

The three division winners who did not win the conference have a wildcard round home game. Means: Even with a miserable season balance, a playoff home game is possible.

The four division winners will be placed on the seeding list in # 1, # 2, # 3 and # 4. Places 5 to 7 are taken by the other teams in the conference with the best record.

Now the game is played crosswise. Team # 2 meets # 7, # 3 meets # 6 and # 4 meets # 5. The main purpose of the regular season is to create a good starting position for the NFL playoffs in 2022.


Divisional Round with Conference winners

Die Both regular season top teams from AFC and NFC will enter the NFL Playoffs 2022 for the Division Round. They have home rights throughout the playoffs as they are each seeded at # 1.

You can also enjoy the benefit of a longer break. While the remaining opponents are already leaving grains in the wildcard round, the top teams go into the playoffs rested.

After the wildcard round there are four teams left in a division. They are now effectively reset. # 1 - i.e. the top team - meets the worst remaining team, while the two middle teams also compete against each other.

Whoever wins the Divisional Games, wins the game for the NFL Conference Championships.


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Conference Championships

It's kind of a semi-final in the NFL Playoffs 2022, even if it's already about who will be the best team in each conference the season was. But of course nobody can buy anything for that.

The goal is therefore still to win and get into the Super Bowl.

Here again the well-known regulation of the seeding list applies. The team that is better seeded receives home rights. If, for example, the top seed loses in the divisional round, the home right goes to # 2 etc.

Only one round after that, the home right is probably lost. Only the LA Rams and LA Chargers would have home right at the SoFi Stadium for the Super Bowl LVI.


NFL Playoffs 2022 Predictions & Betting Odds

Just in time for the NFL Playoffs 2022 Of course, all kinds of betting odds are also available. These already give a first impression of which teams the bookmakers see at the very top.

This is already a kind of NFL playoff prediction. The closer the playoffs get, the fewer providers still have odds.

You can also bet on who will miss the NFL playoffs in 2022. This bet is particularly suitable for teams that are currently in a seemingly safe place in the postseason.

On the other hand, the above odds are ideal for betting on the teams that are currently still look from the outside at the playoff picture.

Both ways can certainly generate a lot of value if you are aware of certain trends in the current NFL games.


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The NFL Playoffs 2022 live on RAN

The entire NFL playoffs will again be broadcast live on RAN this year. The stations ProSieben or ProSieben MAXX are available to choose from. The respective occupancy also depends on the game, as the last few years have shown.

It is important that all games are available live on free TV. You can also follow all the games on the 2022 NFL playoff schedule on

If you'd rather watch football in the original US American version, we recommend DAZN to you. Here the games run in both Kenya and English.

However, DAZN has the obvious disadvantage that it is not free. Rather, you now have to pay 14.99 EUR / USD in a monthly subscription.


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