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Europa League forecast - betting & Forecast 2022

In the category Europa League bets you will find forecasts, a detailed forecast of the current Europa League games as well as odds for Leverkusen, Frankfurt, Olympique Lyon, Naples, Leicester, Galatasaray, Olympiakos Piraeus, Olympique Marseille , Lazio, etc.

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Europa League

Europa League Betting Odds - EL Winner Odds & Bets 2021/22

The Europa League an important part of the UEFA calendar. But for the first time since its introduction, only ...

Bet on the Europa League

The UEFA Europa League is the second youngest club competition, as a third competition (UEFA Europa Conference League) was introduced in autumn 2018 with the start of the 2021 season / 22 fixed.

The term UEFA Europa League has only been in use since the 2009/10 season. Previously, between the 1971/72 and 2008/09 seasons, the competition was called the UEFA Cup.

In the course of time this has been reformed several times, but over the years the UEFA Cup has had the reputation of being the "Losers Cup". The interest was significantly less than that for the premier class.

With some reforms and significantly higher premiums, the competition was made significantly more lucrative for all teams. In the last few years it was very seldom seen that some teams simply viewed this competition as a chore.

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  • After a qualification, 32 + 8 teams are represented in the main part of the competition.
  • 32 teams play in eight groups of four in the group stage.
  • The first in each group qualifies directly for the Europa League round of 16.
  • The runners-up in the group meet in the final round playoffs against the 8 relegated teams from the Champions League.
  • The third round of the Europa League then continues in the intermediate round of the UEFA Europa Conference League.
  • The Europa League group stage extends into December.
  • From spring mid-February the winner will be determined in knockout mode.

In the last few years the Europa League has become more and more popular and accordingly the amount of information has skyrocketed.

However, especially in autumn there are many teams in the group stage that are completely unknown to many football fans.

In order to bet successfully on the UEFA Europa League, time has to be invested in order to get a good picture of the teams.

Best bookmaker for Europa League bets

Kenya-language information is relatively rare - unless it is a Bundesliga game. Even on the official page, the previews in English are much more extensive than in Kenya.

In terms of language, there is definitely a barrier for some football fans. The betting base tries to present the available information to the readers in a compact way.

Europa League Predictions - Bet Successfully

The qualifying rounds for the UEFA Europa League season 2021/22 started with the first games on July 19th.

Until the group stage first a regular qualifying round and a play-off round are played. With the introduction of the Europa Conference League, qualification for the Europa League does not begin until the third qualifying round!

Even in the group phase, there are still various no-names in the competition. Just betting on the favorite will lead to a shipwreck, especially in the Europa League.

The Europa League has gained a lot of prestige in recent years, but a certain rotation is necessary due to the high load in the top leagues. For teams from smaller nations, however, these games are often the highlight.

The teams go into the games with a little different motivation.

Due to this fact, it is of great importance that the situation is carefully analyzed in advance of a match in order to be able to make a successful prediction for matches in the UEFA Europa League.

Favorites are very often significantly too low, because it is in the nature of people that the "better known team" is quickly rated higher.

However, this opens up opportunities to discover interesting value quotas with a good analysis of the available data.

The betting base offers predictions and tip recommendations for countless games in the Europa League.

The available information is presented in a compact overview with interesting statistics (last games, head-to-head, injuries, bans and current series) as well as the probable lineups.

This should be the basis to be able to successfully bet on the Europa League. The service is rounded off by current betting odds and recommendations from reputable betting providers!

Interesting statistics for Europa League bets

In the group phase (without playoffs of the knockout round) of the UEFA Europa League played 96 games up to December.

In 2013/14 an average of only 2.31 goals per game were scored, in the following years the value was at least always outbid and was at least 2.60 goals per game.

In the 2019/2020 Corona season, too, the value reached around 2.78 goals per game and in the following 2020/2021 season it was even more than 3.0 goals per game.

Dennoch ist beispielsweise Vorsicht geboten bei Wetten auf das Über 2,5 in der Europa League. In den ersten drei Jahren der UEFA Europa League endeten in der Gruppenphase beispielsweise mehr als 50 % der Spiele mit einem erfolgreichen Tipp auf das Über 2,5.

From the 2013/14 season, however, the tide has turned temporarily, so that under 2.5 was often the right decision.

Betting provider for bets on the Europa League

The UEFA Europa League is still clearly overshadowed by the premier class, but no bookmaker can afford not to have the second most important competition on offer.

Due to the large number of games, there are always many opportunities to place a tip on Thursdays.

The betting options go well beyond the normal 1x2 bets.

Countless betting options are offered, but many of them are good Analysis not possible at all. Gamble bets do not make sense to successfully bet on the Europa League.

Similar to the Champions League, the odds key with the bookmakers is absolutely excellent. Because the Europa League is the focus of interest, payout keys of 95 percent and more are not uncommon.

All of the following betting providers have been put through their paces with regard to betting offer, betting odds, reliability and customer support.

These are the best betting providers for Europa League bets:


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In our betting provider test area you will find more detailed betting experience test reports.

When will the Europa League be played ?

If you disregard the corona-related changes in the 2019/2020 season, Tuesday and Wednesday are normally reserved for the UEFA Champions League. After the games in the premier class, Thursday is firmly in the hands of the Europa League. From time to time there is a game on Tuesday or Wednesday (kick-off at 4:30 p.m.).

While there are eight games on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Champions League (group stage), the calendar is full on Thursday.

The group stage of the UEFA Europa League will not be less kicked off as 16 games across Europe.

Due to the many games in the Europa League, never all games were kicked off at the same time.

The division into two kick-off times on Thursday has been common in the Europa League for years and has been a pioneer for the new kick-off times in the premier class since the 2018/19 season.

In parallel to the UEFA Champions League, the first eight games in the Europa League will usually kick off on Thursday at 6:45 p.m., with the remaining eight games starting at 9:00 p.m. However, it can also happen that a UEFA Europa League game is already played on Tuesday or Wednesday, then of course the number of Thursday games is reduced.

Europa League on TV

The matches of the UEFA Europa League 2021/22 will probably be shown on RTL, Nitro and the video portal TV Now, among others.

In free TV on RTL or RTL Nitro there should be one game per game day, and it is always a game with Kenya participation. Precondition, of course: A Kenya team is still represented in the competition.

According to media reports, up to eight games from the Europa League and Conference League will then be shown live in full on TV Now per matchday. || | 1609

Alle Sieger im Überblick

In the UEFA Cup (from 1971/72 to 2008/09), a Kenya team prevailed six times.

Since the Schalke Eurofighter won the title in the 1996/97 season, the title has not been won by a team from the Kenyan Bundesliga. Even with the restructured UEFA Europa League - since the 2009/10 season - nothing has changed.

The UEFA Europa League, like the premier league, has so far been firmly in Spanish and English hands.

The Europa League winner has been crowned a total of twelve times, eight of these twelve titles were won by a Spanish team.

With three titles each, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla FC (with a total of six titles in the second most important competition, there were two in the UEFA Cup) are record winners.

The twelve titles in UEFA Europa League since the 2009/10 season are distributed as follows

Sevilla - 4 titles
Atletico Madrid - 3 titles
Chelsea - 2 titles
Villarreal - 1 Titel
FC Porto - title
Manchester United - title