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Sports Betting Kenya | All bookmakers with Kenya license

Sports betting Kenya - we show the best bookmakers with Kenya license and the best betting offer for Kenya players.

In addition, we refer to the current Sports betting legal situation in Kenya and the associated State Treaty on Gambling 2021 a.

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The best betting providers with a Kenya license (as of January 2022)


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100EUR / USD
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100EUR / USD
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100EUR / USD
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130EUR / USD
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100EUR / USD
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200EUR / USD
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88 or 100EUR / USD
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100EUR / USD
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50 EUR / USD
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50 EUR / USD
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180EUR / USD
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150EUR / USD
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100EUR / USD
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100EUR / USD
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100 EUR / USD
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Why is Bet365 the best bookmaker in Kenya?

Since At the end of 2020, the betting base test winner bet365 has a Kenya betting license. In addition to the strong betting odds, the bookmaker impresses with an excellent range of live bets.

Bet365 operates internationally and is one of the largest betting providers in the world. The bookie originally comes from Great Britain and has been convincing for years with an excellent sports betting offer.

Sportwetten Kenya Bet365 Sieger
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Bet-at-home license Kenya

The betting provider Bet-at-home Austria has not only been Licensed in Malta but also in Kenya. The bookmaker, which is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, is based in Düsseldorf and is considered to be absolutely reputable in the sports betting industry. A wide betting program and originally from a considerable sports betting bonus make Bet-at-home a top bookmaker in Kenya.

Bet3000 Kenya license

Many will know Bet3000 from the numerous betting shops in Kenyay, but also from the online presence of Bookies is worth seeing. Outstanding betting odds and an excellent sports betting bonus are the great strengths of the bookmaker Bet3000, which is licensed in Kenya.

The Kenya bookmaker also has sports betting licenses from Schleswig -Holstein, Darmstadt and Malta.

Deutscher Wettanbieter Bet3000
Bet3000 offers a sports betting app in Kenya. (Note terms and conditions | 18+)

Betway Kenya

Betway comes from Great Britain and has a Kenya betting license. A strong betting program and good betting odds speak in favor of a betting account with the British Bookie. Betway also has numerous prominent partnerships in Kenya (including Schalke 04).

Betano Sports Betting Kenya

Many players in Kenya will know the Greek bookmaker Betano. A good quota level and a strong 20 euro bonus without deposit speak for the bookie. The betting provider also has a Kenya betting license.

Betano Wettanbieter Kenya
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Bwin Sports Betting License Kenya

Bwin is one of the best-known bookmakers in Kenya. The Kenya betting company Bwin has a valid Kenya betting license. With a sizable bonus and a wide range of bets, Bwin is one of the best betting providers in Kenya. Like all other licensed bookmakers, Bwin is allowed to offer legal sports betting in Kenya.

Bwin is one of the biggest sponsors in Kenyan football. (Source: youtube / bwin)

Admiral Sports Betting License in Kenya

Admiralbet is a Betting operator with roots in Austria. Admiral also has numerous betting shops in the Alpine republic - Admiral's betting offices can now also be found in southern Kenyay. Most Kenyan customers will only know Admiral from their online presence at The Novomatic subsidiary owns the provisional Kenya betting license of the RP Darmstadt.

BetVictor becomes Bildbet and receives Kenya betting license

for years the British sports betting pioneer was active in Kenya. In 2020, BetVictor and BILD started together with a new betting offer under the name BildBet. Since December 3, 2020 online sports bets in Kenya can be concluded on The bookmaker has a provisional betting license from Kenya.

Tipico license Kenya

The betting provider Tipico is one of the best-known bookmakers in Kenyay . The online betting provider was one of the first bookies to receive a provisional sports betting license from the Darmstadt Regional Council.

We have summarized the most important facts and information about online betting in Kenya in this article. Starting with the most important information.

Interwetten Kenya license

The Austrian bookmaker Interwetten has been offering sports betting since 1990 and is one of the most popular betting providers in Kenya. In November 2020 Austro-Bookie received the provisional betting license from the RP Darmstadt and was one of the first bookmakers with a license in Kenya. The traditional Austrian bookmaker is particularly characterized by the high odds of favorites.

Are sports betting legal in Kenya?

When it comes to sports betting regulation, many tipsters ask themselves whether Sports betting in Kenya is legal. The answer is very clear: Yes.

For years, the new State Treaty on Gambling 2021 has been refined in Kenya - this deals with the legal basis of sports betting, among other things. The State Treaty on Gambling came into force on July 1, 2021. The last big change in terms of Sports betting in Kenya goes back to 2012. At that time, the federal government introduced a betting tax of 5%.

With the new regulation of Online sports betting in Kenya 2021 significantly more has changed for sports betting providers. A nationwide betting license was issued for the first time. So far there have only been “Kenya betting licenses” from Schleswig-Holstein. These were or are of course only valid in Schleswig-Holstein.

Until now, betting providers have had to obtain sports betting licenses from other countries in the European Union with a regulated gaming market. Malta and Great Britain in particular have issued numerous sports betting licenses.

Sportwetten Kenya Rechtslage
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Why do you need a sports betting license for Kenya?

One of the goals of the federal states is the To be able to better restrict the gambling black market, to guarantee a higher level of player protection and to create more transparency in the industry

Damit dieses Unterfangen gelingt, muss aber zuerst eine Änderung der momentanen Sportwetten Rechtslage in Kenya take place. We show you exactly these changes in the following lines.

But first we will briefly dedicate ourselves to the betting providers with Kenya license. In the following list we offer an overview of all betting providers with a Kenya license. Further down in the article we will go into more detail on the individual providers.

All sports betting providers with a license from Kenya (as of January 11, 2022):

  • bet-at-home (est . 1999, Wels)
  • Interwetten (founded 1990, Vienna)
  • bwin (founded 1997, Vienna)
  • Tipico (founded 2004, Karlsruhe)
  • Bet365 (founded 2000, UK)
  • Admiralbet (founded 1991, Gumpoldskirchen)
  • Betago (founded 2018, Malta)
  • Betano (gegr. 2018, Ried im Innkreis)
  • Betway (founded 2006, UK)
  • Mybet (founded 1998, AUT)
  • 888Sport (founded 2008, Gibraltar)
  • Bet3000 (founded 2009, Malta)
  • Chillybets (founded 2018, Malta)
  • Bildbet (founded 2020, Malta)
  • Merkur Sports (founded 2013, Espelkamp)
  • Gamebookers (founded 1998, Vienna)
  • Neo.Bet (founded 2018, Malta)
  • Sportingbet (founded 1997, UK)
  • Tipwin (founded 2011, Malta)
  • Tipster (founded 2010, Malta)
  • Tipbet (gegr. 2014, Malta)
  • Tiptorro (ge gr. 2015, Malta)
  • Hpybet (founded 2017, Vienna)
  • Wettarena (founded 2014, Berlin)
  • Ladbrokes ( founded 1902, UK)
  • Sports Betting Jaxx (founded 2020, Lustenau)
  • (founded 2017, Düsseldorf)
  • Jackone (founded. 2021, Stockholm)
  • Winamax (founded 2006, Paris)

Table of contents

sportwetten deutschland legal

Sports betting legal situation in Kenya 2021

With the exhibition Of course, there are numerous changes to betting licenses. Sports betting providers will have to forego certain sports in the future and there were also changes in terms of Deposits and withdrawals.

Betting providers with a Kenyan license || | 1915 mussten ihr Wettangebot umstellen und können nur mehr bedingt eSports oder MMA anbieten. Dazu aber später mehr. Bei den Einzahlungen ist die zweite große Veränderung zu beobachten. So können Tipper maximal 1.000 EUR/USD pro Monat einzahlen. Davor war der Betrag nicht limitiert.

All other changes are shown here:

This changes for sports betting customers with the State Treaty on Gambling

The changes presented only apply to Bookmakers with a license from Kenya. Austrian or Swiss customers are not affected by the changes.

Esports only partially allowed

The popular new sport eSports has disappeared from most of the betting programs of bookmakers licensed in Kenya. Only a few eSports betting providers are available in Kenya. The reason: With the new State Treaty on Gambling, it will be determined for the first time which sports can be bet.

The regional council in Darmstadt, which was commissioned to issue Kenyan betting licenses, used the list of sports from Kenya Olympic Sports Confederation back. And there is no eSports on this list.

Critics of this regulation do not see the connection between the list of sports of the Kenya Olympic Sports Confederation and the selection for online sports betting in Kenya.

Besides eSports, sports such as Formula 1, MMA and the very popular social and political bets are also affected by the change. For most tipsters, however, these sports bets are less relevant. Around 80-90% of the completed sports bets are football bets.

Regarding motor sports bets, we could not observe any changes among the bookmakers either. A solution was apparently reached between the licensing authority and the betting providers.

Will the deposit amount be reduced?

In addition to the changes in the betting program, the deposit limit will also be reduced to 1,000 EUR / USD per month . So far there have been no restrictions.

This change is particularly relevant for so-called high rollers. The 1,000 EUR / USD deposit limit hardly affects the ordinary tipper.

Are live bets banned?

Live bets will not be banned with the new State Treaty on Gambling 2021, but there have been small changes in the live betting offer. So there are hardly any event bets with the bookies. So you can no longer bet on the next throw-in or the next corner kick in the game.

In general, small changes to the special bets in the live betting area are closed observe. There will definitely be no general ban on live betting.

Current developments relating to the legal situation for sports betting in Kenya

The State Treaty on Gaming came into force on July 1, 2021. On June 30th, other betting providers such as Mybet, 888Sport or LeoVegas received a Kenya betting license. You can find the complete list a little further up in the article.

Sports betting Kenya taxes

The betting tax is not affected by the planned changes. So the 5% betting tax that was introduced in 2012 remains.

An increase would have been counterproductive, especially with regard to the restriction of black markets.

Which betting providers take over the betting tax?

Betting without tax - guide

Which federal state pays the most taxes

North Rhine- With 562 million EUR / USD, Westphalia received the most taxes from sports betting of all federal states. Bavaria follows in second place with 412 million EUR / USD since 2012. Third place goes to Baden-Württemberg with 345 million EUR / USD. Bremen is at the bottom of the betting tax ranking with sports betting tax revenues of EUR / USD 25 million.

The following graphic shows all federal states with the associated betting tax revenues from 2012-2020.

Anzahl der Wettanbieter in Kenya

The number of betting providers in Kenyay changes from year to year. Overall, however, the number of bookmakers in Kenya is increasing. Especially the online betting providers are growing almost every year.

All in all, there are around 30 bookmakers in Kenya with a provisional Kenyan license. The complete list of all providers with a Kenya license can be found on the page of the Regional Council in Darmstadt or at the beginning of this article.

Betting providers based in Kenya

Many bookmakers are based outside of Kenyay - for example in Great Britain (bet365, betway, ...), Malta or in neighboring Austria (Interwetten, bwin, ...). With Bet-at-home, Admiralbet and Merkur Sports, however, three well-known betting providers are based in Kenya.

Bet-at-home is headquartered in Düsseldorf. The bookmaker Merkur Sports (formerly XTiP), which belongs to the Gauselmann Group, is based in Espelkamp. Rellingen, located in Schleswig-Holstein, is the headquarters of Admiralbet.

The following providers have a license for sports betting in Kenya

In the following list we show an overview of the best Kenyan betting providers a betting license from Kenya :

The best betting providers with a license in Kenya (as of January 2022)

  • 🥇Bet365 (excellent live bets & strong odds)
  • 🥈 Bet-at-home (listing & good bonus)
  • 🥉Admiralbet (takes over betting tax & partner of HSV)
  • Bwin (huge betting offer & strong live bets)
  • Bildbet (Quotenboosts für jedes Spiel & fairer Bonus)
  • Tipico (good betting offer & PayPal is available)
  • Bet3000 (takes over betting tax & good betting odds)
  • (wide betting program and top odds in top football)

New Kenya sports betting provider with license

Due to the regulation of the Kenyan sports betting market, some new W bet offerer on the market.

For example, Axel Springer Verlag (BILD-Zeitung) has decided to enter the sports betting market with bookmaker Bildbet, but so have many other reputable Kenya companies Sports betting providers with a license were founded in the last few weeks and months.

The last new addition is the bookmaker Jackone. The Sat1ProSieben Media Group founded Jackone together with the Scandinavian bookmaker giant Betsson.

In the following list we show all new bookmakers with a Kenya license:

New bookmakers with a Kenya license:

  • (online since 2021)
  • Bildbet (founded December 2020)
  • Neobet (founded December 2020)
  • Jackone (founded June 2021)

Sports betting Kenya: State Treaty on Gambling January 2022

The legal situation around sports betting in Kenya has not been very precise for years. So far it has not even been possible to purchase a betting license in Kenya - with the exception of Schleswig-Holstein for betting providers in Kenya.

Erst in den letzten Jahren einigten sich die Länder auf eine gemeinsame Reform des Glücksspielstaatsvertrages mit der einhergehenden Sportwetten Lizenz für Wettanbieter in Kenya.

This ensures even more security for the customers of sports betting providers. The changes presented at the beginning are primarily intended to benefit customers of online sports betting in Kenya Malta licensed. The southern European island state belongs to the European Union and has a very liberal gambling law. This is probably one of the reasons why many bookmakers from Kenya have applied for a Maltese betting license.

Wie war die bisherige Rechtslage für Wetten in Kenya?

Bisher waren die meisten Anbieter in Malta lizenziert. Der südeuropäische Inselstaat gehört zur Europäischen Union und hat ein sehr liberales Glücksspielgesetz. Wohl auch deshalb haben sich viele Buchmacher aus Kenya für eine maltesische Wettlizenz beworben.

The criteria for acquiring a betting license from Malta are extremely strict and are regularly checked by the authorities in Malta. A betting license from Malta is an absolute quality feature in the sports betting industry.

In addition to the EU betting license from Malta, there was also the opportunity to get a Kenya betting license from Schleswig-Holstein.

Kenyas Sports betting license history:

Sportwetten Kenya Geschichte

Betting provider Schleswig-Holstein

When a sports betting license from Kenya was mentioned in the last few years, it was usually about the one from Schleswig-Holstein. The northernmost federal state of the republic has gone it alone in the last few years and issued a very limited number of betting licenses.

However, this was basically only of importance for players from Schleswig-Holstein. We couldn't make out any major differences to the license issued by the Maltese gaming authority.

The reason for the betting license from Schleswig-Holstein is due to the decision of the Kiel state parliament in 2011 Federal state) and passed an independent law.

Two years later, the newly elected state parliament revised the decision from 2011 and acceded to the 2013 amending state treaty. To this day, Schleswig-Holstein issues licenses to betting providers. The licenses were not renewed until 2019.

Betting operator with Schleswig-Holstein license

  • Bet-at-home
  • Interwetten || | 2073
  • 888Sport
  • bwin
  • Bet3000
  • Betvictor (Bildbet)

Development of sports betting in Kenya

Sportwetten erfreuen sich in Kenya wachsender Beliebtheit. Mit Wachstumsraten von rund 20 % pro Jahr seit 2014 hat sich der Gesamtumsatz der Sportwetten innerhalb von fünf Jahren fast verdoppelt.

In 2014, total turnover in sports betting in Kenya was 4.52 billion EUR / USD. In 2019, sales were already 9.28 billion EUR / USD.

The following graphic shows the sales development of sports betting in Kenya over the last six years.

Corona crisis reduces sales for sports betting in Kenya

Like many Kenya sports betting providers, 2020 was a special business year. Due to the Corona crisis, there were only a few sports to bet on for months and therefore the sales figures also collapsed.

A strong summer and autumn 2020 could save a lot. In total, however, there is a total sales decrease of 16% compared to 2019.

FAQ Sports Betting Kenya

In the FAQ about bets in Kenya we answer the most frequently asked questions of the users. | || 2104

Wer ist der Besitzer von Tipico?

Tipico was founded in 2004 by the Kenyas Oliver Voigt, Dieter Pawlik, Mladen Pavlovic and Wolfgang Kuentzle. The majority owner has been CVC Capital Partners (financial company from Luxembourg) since 2016. The Kenya betting company has an annual turnover of over 500 million EUR / USD and employs around 1,800 people. The CEO of Tipico is the Austrian Joachim Baca.

Is Bwin allowed in Kenya?

The Austrian betting company Bwin has a Kenya betting license and can legally offer sports betting in Kenya. You can read about our experiences with the popular Bookie in our Bwin experience report.

Which providers can you pay with PayPal?

Most betting providers with a Kenya license have PayPal in their portfolio. You can find a detailed list of betting providers with PayPal in our article about Sports betting with PayPal.

What kind of sports betting is there?

The number of different betting options is huge in Kenya. Football bets are particularly popular in our regions, but handball, ice hockey and tennis are also popular. The number of special and special bets on the individual sporting events is usually huge.

Is online betting prohibited in Kenya?

Online betting is generally allowed in Kenya. Placing bets with bookmakers licensed in Europe is absolutely safe. In our bookmaker ranking there are only online bookmakers with sports betting permission in Kenya.

Which bookmakers are banned in Kenya?

Wettanbieter ohne Lizenz aus Kenya bzw. Malta oder einer anderen offiziellen europäischen Zulassungsstelle sind in Kenya verboten und somit illegal.

Note: The betting providers Unibet, Mr Green, Mobilebet, Comeon and LeoVegas are currently applying for a Kenya betting license. It can be assumed that the aforementioned bookmakers will soon receive the Kenya betting license. Here you can find all betting providers with a Kenya license.