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Betting strategies for soccer betting

Christian Tichy

Any sports bettor who deals with Soccer betting busy, has its own betting strategies to win bets.

Here we want to introduce different ways how you can increase your betting credit with football bets.

Please note, that not all football betting strategies presented promise success. But each one offers ideas and approaches for your own soccer betting strategies!

All betting base sports betting strategies are divided into individual categories (betting strategies for soccer betting, betting strategies for live betting, etc.).

Further information can be found on the Sports betting strategies main page. This page is intended as an additional classification to make reading easier, especially on football betting strategies,

Best betting providers for betting strategies

Note: NO strategy can guarantee a secure profit. So always bet responsibly!

Soccer betting strategies / systems

Sports betting strategy Author
Live betting surebets on betting exchanges || | 301 Martin
Value strategy (probabilities) and use according to Kelly Andreas
Arbitrage betting strategy Thomas Wunderlich
Strategy 'professional betting' single bets Arthur
Betting on a draw Michael
Draw system bets | || 311 Sebastian
Bet consistently on a tie Thilo
Combination bets, betting tip Dirk Berger
Live betting value bet football Ludi
Estimating and comparing probabilities Football John
Tie / Tie combination bet || | 321 Jessica
Draws on betting exchanges Adrian
Betting on late goals (76th-90th minute) FHM
France Under (0 to 1 goals) - Soccer betting strategy [email protected] | || 328
Europa League Hinspiele in Systemwette Giancarlo
Tips for live bets Holger
Over / Under betting strategy | || 333 Jürgen K.
Live bets on outsiders at betting exchanges Christian G.
Favorite bets - back early, then lay Leo
Live betting strategy at Bwin Adrian
Tie bets with progression Sascha
Sports betting strategies collection (6 strategies) Herr Hegener
Over / Under strategies, goal bets, calculation system Tobi
Wetten mit Statistik-Seiten (Estimations) Hisn
Sports betting with Poisson distribution Thomas
System betting strategy | || 351 Christian
Betting on the first 5 teams in the league Hans-Holger
Combination bets with high odds Rene
Betting system half-time final score Tim
Combination bets with 1 low and 2 high odds Bubirator
7 od. 8 Spiele – Kombi- und Systemwetten Martin
Outsider tips in system betting slips Alper
Over / Under-bets and live Erwin
Over / Under, tactical observations, tennis bets Marko
Betting with predictions - Tips with combination betsMarkus Müller
Secure single bets Rene
Strategy: 3 banks + 1 out of 19 HC0 Ergin
Over and under betting strategy Jan
Strategy: 2 out of 3 - 1x over 2x draw Theo
Wetten auf frühe Tore Maike
Betting against late goals Matthias
Half-time / full-time betting on Betfair Sebastian
Intelligent half-time / final score bets Jan
Europa League second leg bets after a clear first leg Great tips || | 388
Kombiwetten auf hohe Favoriten Marc Oliver
3 of 7 Sports Betting System Irnis
Late live betting on ice hockey and handball Raik
X bets on draw specialists Paul
Football Bundesliga tips according to the shape of the players Andreas
Over / Under bets with odds around 1.70 Mario
Handicap bets draw Rome || | 402
Strategie: Die 2er Quote Steven
A favorite win (Bayern) plus a draw Nanninger
Outsider tips and more Kai
Selection criteria for football betting Andreas
Profit progression and loss compensation Stefan
Betting on underdogs with winning streaks Semir || | 414
Außenseiter-Tipps Bear
Last Minute Football Betting Rene
Predicting a tieMichael
Betting on the half-time result for a draw Marek
Live betting on goals that will fall Erich
Wetten auf späte Tore (in der Nachspielzeit) Oliver
Tie bets in local derbies Edin
Total number of goals -Bets with Lay on betting exchanges Ivan
Combination bets with favorites Steffen
Tie bets in France 2nd division Thomas
Bet on outsider and X Michael
Bet on handicap X (tie) Sadiye
Favorite bet en strategy Gambler Korbach
4-way combination bets on favorites Marco
Combination and outsider bets Martin
Tennis betting and over / under Dominic
Live betting on late goals Daniel Sozniak
Who will score the first goal? The outsider! Olli
Statistical probability of a draw depending on the league Christian
Result bets on favorites awayAlija
Low odds, safe games Stefan
Betting with statistics comparison Ferit
Both to score (both score at least 1 goal) Hans-Willi
Bet against a draw Wojciech
Bet against series || | 463 Herr Hay
Will another goal be scored? (Live betting) Manuel
Betting options: sure to surprise Mehmet
Top teams 5 out of 7 + 3 combinations || | 469 Alex
Reduced draw system Robert
Live betting with delayed stakes Michael
Allgemeines und Tipps für Livewetten Lu
Under 3.5 bet approx. At the 50th minute Flo
Multi-way bets (System bets) Viktor
Combination bets with an uncertain game Sanja
Over / Under betting system Thomas
Safe single bets Rene
Combination bets 2 easy games Faya
Late goals and over 1.5 goals after 25 minutes Helga
Live betting - how many goals are left? Walter
Betting on underdogs in balanced games Andreas
Combined over and Unter Wetten Markus
5 games, 1x, all tips Franz Herzog
Double chance, number of goals, bonus and more | || 499 Double M
Safe single bets Jonez
Single bets strategy Lars
Friendlies and long-term bets Dirk
Live bet on winning if there is a deficit Andreas
Over 2.5 goals bets on games with strong storms Teams Uwe
Over bets and single bets Schlömpel
Betting on header goals H. Roth
Live betting special Patrick
7 betting rules Franz
Live betting on winner period | || 519 Tobi
Tie bets with 50% progression Michael
Low odds combination bet Christian
Betting on half-time / final score tie / tie Leo
Betting on corners Veit
Bwin free bet codes less than 0 , 5 goals Johannes
Live bets on favorites when falling behind Squad
Over bets in England and SpainMark
Trading strategies for over / under bets Thomas
2-way combination bets on goal bets Benedikt
Progression strategy: who will score the next goal? Marvin
Live bets at Bwin more than 0.5 goals Robert
Live Under Wetten Thomas
First double chance 1/2, then draw Johannes
Favorite combination bets Ferhat
What happens to first live bets David
What happened last live bets Hubi
What happened last live bets Rico
Double chance (1X) with even games Patrick
Favorites in the Champions League Mirko
Goalscorer bets in the system Felix
0 goals or a tie at halftime Thomas
Secure a 2-way home combination bet || | 563 Julian
Over 1.5 goals live betting Max
3 football draws + 3 sure tips Wolfgang
Safe betting strategies with low odds Görkem
System bet 2 out of 3 with odds over 2.0 Johnny
Leadership-defeat bets (half-time / final score) Markus M.
Live betting just before the end of the game Ronny
Safe bets on under 4.5 goals Oliver
Who will score the first goal? Torsten
Betting according to proverbs Andreas
Betting on the final result 1: 1André
Betting with Head2Head and market values ​​ Matthias
Live bet less than 4.5 goals at halftime Timo | || 588
Tenniswetten und Torwetten Johannes
System bet 2/3 with bank and betting base tips Sebbo
Protection of the staggered 3rd game in a 3-way combination bet Armin
Protection bets Jonas
Betting with a planChristian
System on goal bets and over / under Berislav
9 combination bet Tobias
Live bet over 2.5 goals in the last 30 minutes Bergi
Tips in combinations on several tickets Steve
At least 1 goal is scored | || 607 Heiko
Low odds, but safe bets Bernhard
Combination bet with very safe tips Kandyman || | 612
Live Wetten auf Under Julian
Bet on good teams in away games Alexander
High odds, many combinations Thoma s
World Cup and Formula 1 betting Dejan
High odds + 0-1 goals Mirel
besser wetten in 7 Tagen