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  • How do I find the right bookmaker?
  • Who is offering the best new customer bonus?
  • Where can I still bet without it Sports betting tax?
  • Important basics for beginners, such as types of bets, betting odds or live bets
  • Where can I find sports betting strategies?

To find out more about the numerous information and Advice articles on the betting base not to lose the overview, we have created an article overview of all interesting topics from our news area.

The sports betting area covers a very wide range of information. Many interesting articles on various sports betting topics can be found on the World Wide Web.

At this point, the betting base team would like to provide you with a brief overview of some articles that deal with the various subject areas of sports betting. || | 322

Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Liste, die im Laufe der Zeit erweitert wird, somit werden auch wiederkehrende Besucher stets neues Wissen ansammeln können.

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One of the most important subject areas of the sports betting advice is the online betting provider ratings. To be able to place a sports bet, you must have a betting account with a betting provider.

The 5 best betting providers in January 2022:


100% | || 415
Testbericht Bets


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Test report Bets


Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets


100EUR / USD
Test report Bets

The specified EUR / USD amounts each represent the maximum bonus available for new customers. | Terms and conditions apply | 18+

Best bookmaker ranking

There are a multitude of different online sports betting providers on the Internet and so it can be difficult to filter out the best one at first glance. However, our bookmaker ratings provide information and will help you choose a bookmaker. Important criteria such as new customer bonus, user friendliness, design, betting odds and game selection are analyzed and examined in more detail.

Depending on how you as a player weight the different categories for yourself, another bookmaker may be cheaper. For example, a less well-known betting provider such as Happybet can be one of the best options.

Bets have been played in hope for as long as people can remember to be able to increase the stake many times over. Sports betting has always been one of the most popular activities within society. With the advent of the internet and mobile technologies, all that has changed is the way betting is done today.

The basic principles have generally remained the same. Money won still feels sweeter than money earned. However, very few are permanently successful with their sports betting. Our sports betting guide helps you keep track of the jungle of online sports betting.

Basically, you should have a high level of knowledge in the sports betting area before you decide to place a sports bet. In the list that has been compiled for you, you will find a multitude of tips and important information that could help you to bet successfully.

In addition to knowledge, patience and discipline naturally play a very important role in sports betting. Analyze lost bets and investigate the causes. Also, keep in mind that luck is crucial in sports betting.

Many factors have an impact on whether your sports bet is successful. Don't be too quick to question the information gathered from our list due to missteps. In order to be able to bet successfully, you need patience.

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