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Better bet in 7 days

We have a 7-part email course 'Better bet in 7 days' geschrieben, den wir Ihnen sehr ans Herz legen möchten. Es werden sehr wichtige Dinge rund um Wetten besprochen, viele Ratschläge gegeben – dieser Email-Kurs kann Ihnen nur helfen. Und das Beste: er ist vollkommen kostenlos.

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Feedback from course participants (1)

Exemplary feedback from people who have received the free course:

Thomas G.
I really have to ask you Give a compliment: I have already read three books on the subject of sports betting - but you have managed to go into the most essentials of sports betting on far fewer pages without unnecessarily 'inflating' the volume - in contrast to the self-proclaimed 'subject' I read Books'.

You did it, pretty much all types of bets in an easy-to-understand way to describe, including all the advantages and disadvantages of these bets - one clearly notices that quality is more important than quantity for you!

I can only hope that as many sports bettors as possible will use your free 'but not for free' course - it is extremely valuable for beginners as well as advanced and (self-proclaimed) professionals! I also hope that there will be a sequel soon!


Mario B.
I would like to thank you for your Thank you for free email course - Thank you! Although I cannot call myself a beginner when it comes to betting, I was able to learn a lot of interesting facts and even some new things about betting through your course.

The individual chapters of the course are very good I find it structured and, thanks to the detailed explanations, easy to understand for everyone.

Unfortunately, I have had little success with betting lately, but I am convinced that this will definitely change in the foreseeable future and success will result from the advice and tips you have given.

Thank you again for the helpful lesson!

Best regards,
Mario | || 393

Christoph S.
The email course is a great way to get an overview as a beginner in sports betting and to avoid many beginners' mistakes. However, I am convinced that the course can also give many experienced "sports bettors" a few tips and reminds them of many basic things.

I think it's great that the betting base provides these for free and I have a few myself be able to take important information with you, which you only really become aware of through the course. Thank you very much for this!

You not only learn how to properly deal with "gambling" sports betting, but in addition to the many things that you shouldn't do, you also learn how to permanently minimize your risk and make profits .

A big compliment to you!

Maike K.

Me I only started betting recently, so I'm still a beginner. I have visited your website several times and found out about betting shops and strategies. I especially like the links.

But I never signed up for the e-mail course because I always thought there would be some catch (I am skeptical about free items, because most of them good things are not free).

But because the bets weren't going so well for me, I signed up and was thrilled. I already knew some things, but a lot was new to me.

My attitude towards betting in particular has changed since then. to research, which is not that difficult or takes a long time if you only know the right Internet pages.

Since then, I've been doing much better, it has really been worth it. I hope there will be a sequel soon.


Tobias H.

Dieser E-Mail Kurs hat sehr viel gebracht. Er ist einfach nur genial und weiter zu empfehlen. Ich denke, dass ich kein Wettanfänger bin, allerdings hat er auch mir noch einige neue Sachen gezeigt, die ich dann in die Tat umgesetzt habe und auch prima funktioniert hat.

So just a great thing, especially for newbies to recommend in the betting business. I hope that an extension will come out soon.

The icing on the cake is that this course is free, as there are some such courses that cost a lot of money and in most cases not even that good are like this one here.



Thorsten P.
I have had the hobby of sports betting and for several years I have already read several specialist books and publications in this area, but the quality of the email course was top notch.

The title “Better bet in seven days” keeps what it promises and gives even old bets an “aha experience” ", Every betting provider should include the course in their program and make it compulsory reading before the first bet.

Thank you, it opened my eyes again in some places, I would like to thank you for that. | ||

Thorsten P.

Alexander T.
Dear betting base team,

I wanted to briefly mention your website and the published tips Thank you, and I also found the Besser-Wetten-course very helpful. Even if you already know some things, their confirmation or precise handling was very useful to me.

Best regards

Nils G.
I've been betting on sports betting online for a few years, but I've still learned something from your email course. Big compliments to you guys !!! In the meantime there is literature on this topic like a dime a dozen, but you have managed to bundle the information well. You could of course explain the individual topics more intensively, but that would go beyond the 7-day framework.

It's also great that you pass on your information for free!

I'm really happy very much on your upcoming pdf so, keep it up, mfg

Wadim B.
First I want to go for the perfect course “Better bet in seven Days “thank you! I've never seen such an informative and helpful article on this topic - thank you! I hope you will be able to celebrate great success with the website, because such an up-to-date and informative website really deserves it! I also find it admirable that the “course” is free, because many providers “sell” useless items for a lot of money.

I hope the website will stay there for a long time, and I wish you lots of fun and success!

Further feedback from course participants

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